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Where’s the Big Ben? #WordlessWednesday 21


The Big Ben is in hiding.

This is quite a sight. Isn’t it?

We traveled to London in the autumn break this year so as to show Dhruv what he had seen at the age of 2 and 3 but was too young to remember. Initially, it felt like a disappointment to see the Big Ben under repairs and renovation with only the clock face visible. Later, it struck as an experience of a lifetime to see this historical monument in this state because history needs preservation.

You can read more about the Big Ben under renovation here.

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Writing on the wall #WordlessWednesday 20

The inaugural writing on the blackboard sticker. The first time Dhruv learned to write his name correctly in Hindi. Don’t ask me how did Ibn Battuta get there.

We have a blackboard sticker on one of the walls where I write down the weekly study schedule for Dhruv. The schedule stays there for some time until he gets an idea, asks for permission to rub it off and write his own things – a letter to his friend, Mr. A, seeking apology for not being let (by Mummy) to visit his house for play or the recent one where he gave a presentation to nobody but himself in (supposedly but nowhere close to) thick British accent about the problems of India – bribe, jumping on red light and the fighting government. Read more…

Vintage #WordlessWednesday 19

One of the things that attracts me to vintage and antique things is they have stories, and even if I don’t know the stories, I make them up – Mary Kay Andrews

I spotted this in a car parking in Bowness-on-Windermere and couldn’t stop myself from clicking.

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Living next to history #WordlessWednesday 18


Craggs Row Windmill, Preston

This structure was built in 1760 and was used as a windmill to grind flour. In the 1880s, the sails were removed and its flour grinding days got over. Thereafter, it was put to a whole range of different uses. It had been an overflow prison, piano workshop, garage, cinema (during the second world war) and a merchant’s storage warehouse. It is not in use now. You can read about it here.

I live next to it. When I first Read more…

A place called magic #WordlessWednesday 17



A place where the magic happens.


The kids can have fun and the parents can buy some peace for themselves, at the same time.

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Unique #WordlessWednesday 16

Edinburgh Trip 034

We are accustomed to seeing old architecture and structures in the name of Parliament buildings. However, this photo is of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. The modernity of this building makes this Parliament unique.

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J for jam #WordlessWednesday 15

Dhruv in Blackpool #WW (2)

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Way into clouds #WordlessWednesday 14


This is a photo of the road leading to the Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh.

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A cannon’s confusion #WordlessWednesday 13


Edinburgh Trip 018-1

Another view of the Edinburgh city from the Edinburgh castle


What is this cannon aiming at?

The enemy forces, or

The city it had once pledged to protect.

If it had a mind of its own

Would it not be confused

For once, the city that was on its side

has expanded far and wide.

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Castles in the sky #WordlessWednesday 12

Edinburgh Trip 260

One city is below and another one in the sky.

This photo was taken from the Edinburgh castle which is situated high above the Edinburgh city over a hill.

The name Edinburgh is pronounced as Edinburra or Edinbra.

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