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A leaf out of holidays #MondayMusings

I like to stay at home. There is nothing new in this as I keep shouting about it from my rooftop.


I do not like to venture out of town and go travelling or doing touristy stuff.

My idea of a holiday is –

  1. to wake up early, maximum by 6 am,
  2. do nothing for the next 2 hours or maybe meditating or reading,
  3. cook a hearty breakfast and a perfect cup of tea, 2 hours later, and
  4. to devour the tea and breakfast in absolute silence and solitude.

The rest of the 2 members are at their best supportive and co-operative attitude Read more…

Where is the time to read #MondayMusings

6 days.

My mind fetched out the calculation.

It has been 6 days of Dhruv having nothing to do with the story books  he had brought with him from Bangalore in his school bag.

While we were packing our bags at home for the summer vacation, I suggested to him if he would like to pack a few books and out came too many of them. Some had hard cover which made his bag heavier but he was reluctant to leave them behind. To Dhruv’s relief, Papa chipped in to give the hardcover books place in his own suitcase. Read more…

Vacation Stories #MondayMusings

One month of our vacation completes today and, to say the least, Dhruv does not want to return to Bangalore any sooner.

During the time, Nanu-Nani had been staying with us in Bangalore a few months ago, both moved to their respective smartphones for their unlimited news update after they agreed to switch off the TV citing the news expert that Dhruv was becoming watching news all day. Read more…

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