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Chilling Spilling Stories or Blatant lies? #MondayMusings


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Knock Knock.

Knock Knock.

The door opened.

The question was posed, “Why so late?”

“We had gone to the Police Station for an inquiry,” the answer was given.

I was still taking off my shoes before making my way inside the house to join the birthday party when the story, he made up for the answer, fell into my ears. I was left stunned with the impromptu. In my head, his Dadi’s accusations rung hard and loud with “Jhooth bol raha hai, jhooth bol raha hai.Read more…

Thank you 2017! #MondayMusings

Thank you 2017

I am a week late in writing my gratitude post for 2017 since Dhruv’s school reopened on Wednesday 3rd Jan after the Christmas holidays and I post my personal musings only on Mondays. There was no time during the holidays for blogging given our daily schedule of creative projects, playtime and outings.

It wasn’t going to be easy for me to write my post even today because he is down with viral fever for the last 2 days and I have not slept enough. Yet, here I am with my post not meaning to delay further in saying Thank you to 2017 for being a good year for me. The life lessons of 2016 laid down the strong foundation over which IĀ built up my inner strength in 2017. Keeping the aches, pains and ailments aside, 2017 was a year of many positives and thus, I am grateful for it. Read more…

A Tea tale

On Tuesday this week, Dhruv and his friends Ar and Iss, after returning from school in the afternoon, were playing in the newly renovated park in our apartment. While both Ar and Iss, who are an year older than him, climbed up the climbing frame Dhruv was cheering them from down below. Read more…

What story do I tell today?

Dhruv’s father has been away from home for work since last month and thus, his bedtime storytelling department has also got entrusted to me. Therefore, every night after our reading ritual, as soon as the light is switched off I am required to tell a story. I repeat the same story every night for as long as the listener wants me to.

Read more…

Anna Hibiscus' Song


A few days ago, we read the book ‘Anna Hibiscus’ Song’. This is a story about a girl Anna Hibiscus who lives in amazing Africa. In the story, she is feeling very happy to the extent that she is exploding with happiness but she does not know what to do about it. So she goes and asks each of the family members what do they do when they are happy. She tries out doing all the things what others in her family do. Read more…

Dhruv the story teller

Dhruv’s creative flight.

We are still struggling to get our letters right on the paper but the letters in their present forms are speaking a lot of stories

IMG_20150414_192120What appears to be random scribbling here are actually roads. Few are one ways, few a Read more…

#Microblog Mondays 10 : Of being sick and getting slaughtered

Pre-caution : This post is a diary entry of my past week where I would be whining, ranting and listing down the events which took place, rushing fast from one point to another. If you think you will still be interested then please, by all means, I would love to have you as my guest. And If not, then I will be glad to have you as my visitor on next Microblog Monday where I hope to come up with some interesting post. Read more…

Buckingham Palace and the Ramayan Connection

London Trip Ashu 203

Queen Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikayee live in Buckingham Palace.

It so happened, a few months back, that as a step towards introducing Dhruv to our Hindu custom and mythology, daddy started telling him the story of Ramayan every night before sleep. The story and its title have been changed a bit to suit Dhruv’s curiosity, interest and simplicity to ‘King wali story (A King’s story)’.

Dhruv’s version of Ramayan aka King wali story –

Once upon a time there was a king named Dashrath. He had 1..2..3……3 queens Read more…

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