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Are we listening? And enough? #MondayMusings

A couple of years ago, I lost a friend.


She chose to part ways because she felt I was consumed by my joys and sorrows to such an extent that I never allowed a pause to listen to her. She did not feel heard and valued in our friendship which set her off on a negative spiral.

The biggest good she did for me was she communicated clearly what she felt and why she was ending our friendship of many years. Now, what would a majority of people do in such a situation? They would give their explanations, negate the emotions of the aggrieved, attempt to hold the other at fault for feeling the way they have been feeling Read more…

4 Steps I follow to make my introvert child more confident #MMM


I am an introvert and I will tell you I hated it every time people told me to be more open, to talk more and to socialize more. I am extremely comfortable in my own skin now after having spent a large part of my life in confusion trying to figure out if I am an alien in my world which is mostly inhabited by outgoing people.

I know about myself that I thrive in my interactions with like minded people and will just be nodding my head to the point of exhaustion when with other types of people. I avoid social gatherings most of the times because it is mostly about dressing up, discussing clothes and jewelry and gossiping, areas I am least qualified in. Therefore, you know that if I am there, I would have made great efforts on my part.

I have witnessed similar traits in Dhruv over the past years Read more…

5 ways I work to deal with my yelling problem #MondayMusings

Dhruv, stay seated.

Dhruv, stop talking and finish your meal fast.

Dhruv, this is what I have cooked today and you will have to eat it, whether you like it or not.

Dhruv, get ready fast, we have to leave in 5 minutes.


This must be the common scenario in every home with a change of situations and definitely change of names.

How many times it happens that we, as parents, reach the brink of our patience levels. We keep reminding the children but our reminders fell on deaf ears causing us to lose our patience and yelling at such times becomes inevitable.

Read more…

A Liberating Conversation – #Monday Musings

We are feeling suffocated.

Why have you held us hostages?

Set us free. Set us free.

I will. I will. Soon

I will. I will. For sure.

I am waiting for inspiration to strike me to Read more…

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