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Waddling through my depression #MondayMusings


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Morning scene last Sunday.

The clock struck 7.30 am. I open my eyes.

The clock struck 8.30 am. I am staring outside the window at the blue sky.

The clock struck 10.30 am. I am still in bed, prodding myself to get out of the bed, to begin the day, to cook something to feed the self and the other 2 creatures in the house. And then the side chores and their remembrance weigh the mind down. There is also a visit to the Asian store on the cards to buy vegetables which needs to be done before 5 pm because the store ( and everything else) closes down at 5 pm on Sundays.
Inner voice #1 – “The breakfast

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Need Time Off : Knock Out Routine

One wintry December morning

That was one of such days when one does not feel like getting out of the warm quilt and the alarm, being victimised of repeated snoozing, keeps buzzing at every 5 minutes interval for 1 hour signalling to get up to the march past of the day. Finally I had to force myself to wake up at Dhruv’s call realising that having slept for 11 hours he would have been feeling hungry. Aah Winters!!!!


It was 7.30 am.

Lots of work piled up. Serving milk to Dhruv, having my cup of green tea, cooking and packing lunch for daddy, making breakfast for Dhruv and myself. Oh God, I did not feel like doing anything. Continue Reading!

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