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3 Different shades of the morning sky #WordlessWednesday 22

I live in the wettest part of England which means grey skies prevail on most days and sunny days, especially sunny mornings are a rarity.

Here are 3 shots of the morning sky just before the sunrise from November and December.

1. The grey sky morning.

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5 things we love about staying in Preston #MondayMusings

It’s already a week!

We landed here in Preston, UK last weekend. Settling down has kept me busy and I am enjoying this process.

The day we reached here, we were greeted by nice cool and pleasant weather.  After a short nap and freshening up, we walked down to the city centre which is 10 minutes away from our home in just a shirt and jeans. The sun was shining upon us as if blessing us, ‘You are going to be good’. What was meant to be a half-an-hour walk to procure the ultra necessary stuff ended up in 2 hours by the time we reached back home. The best part was it was so much pleasure that we did not even realise how time flew and also the fact that Dhruv and I needed considerable rest after the 13-hour long flight.

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Goodbye and Miss you alot

Today I feel a little restless. I am having trouble to keep my mind in focus. 2 days back I was distracted since I had been dreaming of going back to my parents thinking of happier times to come. But today when just 2 more days are left for our flight to take off, I am finding it a bit difficult to say goodbye.

I would miss the long walks Dhruv and I used to take by the river side watching the ducks and swans.


The river side walk

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