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Waddling through my depression #MondayMusings


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Morning scene last Sunday.

The clock struck 7.30 am. I open my eyes.

The clock struck 8.30 am. I am staring outside the window at the blue sky.

The clock struck 10.30 am. I am still in bed, prodding myself to get out of the bed, to begin the day, to cook something to feed the self and the other 2 creatures in the house. And then the side chores and their remembrance weigh the mind down. There is also a visit to the Asian store on the cards to buy vegetables which needs to be done before 5 pm because the store ( and everything else) closes down at 5 pm on Sundays.
Inner voice #1 – “The breakfast

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#Microblog Mondays 19 : Past life regression

Last week, I got to know about past life regression from a blogger’s blog post. The idea that someone known has been through this experience was highly intriguing and interesting for me. Reading that post created a plethora of questions in my mind about this therapy, the answers to which I did not know where to find.

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