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5 Parenting practices falling flat #ThrowbackThursday 5

There are some common parenting practices followed in nearly every home. These practices are supported by the premises that they have been followed over generations and hence now they form the invincible part of the parents’ DNA. But, do these time-tested practices really work in the present day context?

For this week’s #ThrowbackThursday, I am sharing an old post where I listed down 5 parenting practices which fall back flat on the parents’ face. Read and have fun.

The Bespectacled Mother

There are some common parenting practices followed in nearly every home. These practices are supported by the premises that they have been followed over generations and hence now these form the invincible part of the parents’ DNA. Based on my observations in my family and around, I have come up with 5 such practices which the parents exercise with their children and how they fall flat on their face.

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My word for the year 2015… #ThrowbackThursday 2


Come January and the blogging world goes live with the Word of the year posts.

For 2018, my word is going to be ‘Organize‘.

I am quite an unorganised person and with 2018. I hope to make a difference in this regard. I am going to get better at organizing with my blog by maintaining a blog calendar and scheduling posts in advance. I will make efforts to stay organized in general too, with respect to the chores and the other daily stuff of life.

For today’s #ThrowbackThursday post, I am reposting my ‘Word of the Year 2015’ from January 2015. The word was ‘Positive’. It was the time when I began regaining control of my mind.

The Bespectacled Mother


When Dhruv was less than 1 year old, he (just like any other baby) frequently fell sick. I used to stress out a lot because I was not able to tend to him as I could not take frequent leaves from my work place. With his every bout of sickness I imagined like it was the end of the world and this used to push me into the vicious circle of negativity.

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We are learning to write #ThrowbackThursday 1

radBeginning today, I start the series #ThrowbackThursday where I will be reposting posts from the past years.
Today’s post is from December 2014 where I wrote about the efforts I was making with Dhruv to deal with his difficulty in holding the pencil correctly and his lack of interest in learning to write.

The Bespectacled Mother

Dhruv started nursery in Nov first week. He is now three and a half years. Until one month back he had been showing no interest in writing or colouring. Give him colour pencils or crayons and he would place them in his digger making them look like missiles. Hand him over a pencil and a notebook and he would give it back to us asking us to draw cars, buses and trucks for him. On our asking him to take the pencil and scribble on the paper after showing him how to do so, he would turn away making himself busy in his toys. I thought may be if I started writing my stories on paper or colouring pictures in front of him everyday he might pick up interest. That, however, did not happen.

digger 2 Alternative uses of colour pencils

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5 ways boys are different from girls


boys and girls

Image Courtesy – The Suburban

Boys are different from girls!

It is difficult disciplining sons while with daughters it is relatively much easier. Raise your hand if you have heard this or have talked about this.

Well, since I am the mother of an only son, I do not have the first-hand experience in this regard but have definitely heard about the same from fellow moms who are raising both sons and daughters. They often tell how exhausting it can be disciplining little boys while it isn’t the case with their daughters.

This led me to look into the research made in this area of how boys, even under the age of 5, are different from the girls in the same age group. These research findings are particularly helpful in understanding our boys better.

Let us look at the 5 main findings Read more…

You are the Rebel Girl #MondayMusings


Image Courtesy –

There is a widely popular book for children these days by the name ‘Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’. We are also fond of it and every once in a while Dhruv asks me to read a few pages from the book to him.

But as it happens, by the time he finishes reading aloud to me there is limited time left for reading Rebel Girls. Hence, there is always this disagreement between us as to how many pages we will read. We give each other conservative figures and since the bedtime is ticking away in my mind, my conservative figure is way less than his. He would say 10, I would say 2. Owing to the bargaining rule of “Chalo tumhari na meri…“, I end up reading a number somewhere between 2 and 10.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is his go-to book for exploring names of countries, Read more…

Jab Harry met… #MondayMusings

I am not a fan of watching Hindi movies. There was a time, a decade or so earlier, when I liked to watch them but not anymore. And romances are a strict no. I just can’t bear them. I shall hold my middle age and the quote ‘Sansaar ek mithya hai‘ (This world is a misnomer) responsible for my present orientation.

This weekend, I learnt the truth in the saying ‘Never say never’.

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7 reasons to have a second child #BarAThon 2017 Day 3

I was planning to write another post about books and reading today for Day 3 of Bar-A-Thon. Then, I thought it will lead to monotony. Therefore, I decided otherwise.

Today, I will give you 7 reasons why you should have a second child.

This topic has been widely written about and read and most of my reasons might also be stereotypes. Before proceeding ahead with my reasons, let me first share with you my learning on stereotypes – ‘You might (want to) move away from stereotypes but stereotypes are always here to stay.’

The 7 reasons for all-seasons are –


Having a sibling must be sure fun. Image courtesy: Pixabay


1. Mom-in-law told you so.

You must behave like a sanskaari, dutiful daughter-in-law and following her holy footsteps you must also respect and honour elder’s wishes, instructions, orders etc.

2. A child with no sibling will suffer from loneliness.

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7 ways to make your child love reading #BarAThon 2017 Day 1

Indian Bloggers

The second edition of Bar-A-Thon has started. It is a fortnight-long blogging marathon for bloggers everywhere.

You can read all about Bar-A-Thon here.

For Day 1, I have chosen to write using theme 7 and it is on a topic closest to my heart – 7 ways to make your child fall in love with books and reading.

Image source : Pixabay

A child is never too young to be introduced to books

For babies, there are board books and cloth books available which do not get damaged or torn with rough handling. Then there are “Touch and Feel” books to expose babies to different textures and patterns. For toddlers and preschoolers, one can begin read-aloud sessions with the books of their interests. For my car and truck crazy son, I began with books about cars and trucks and then graduated him to books on other means of transportation, dinosaurs and other animals.

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial for development

Read more…

The Conniving Filmy Kids #MondayMusings

Today I am going to tell you a story about 2 children who  enjoyed a happy childhood.

They grew up in the era when children being spanked by the parents was a widely accepted norm and they were okay with it. Their parents had divided departments between them to take care of their children’s spanking needs. While the father took care of their education department always demanding them to turn up with the subject’s books they were respectively weak in and the mother took care of the minor disciplinary departments referring the major ones to the father thus broadening his area of responsibility. Still the kids were of the opinion that they were kind of well off compared to their cousins who had more instances of deadly violations by their parents.

In addition, these 2 kids were quite fighters Read more…

Dealing with someone’s anger #MondayMusings


Image source – Pixabay


A person is yelling at you for reasons you cannot understand or may be you do. That person is rejecting you with every sharp word that comes out of her mouth. What would you do in such a situation? Talk back, yell back or leave the place?

If you ask me, I will tell you it depends. If the person yelling and rejecting are my parents, I might talk back. If that person is my mother-in-law, I will leave the place.  However, on scrutinizing both the scenarios, one may realize that they aren’t helpful in minimizing the ill-effects of anger on account of both the parties.  Read more…

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