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5 lessons I learnt as a mother #MondayMommyMoments

Learning continues for as long we live, whether we acknowledge it or not. And, when you are a mom, your children become the instrumental factor which ensures you get transformed into a completely new and improved version of yourself.

While I was a child, I used to wonder if my mother had some sort of superpowers or if she knew magic because everytime she could smell and unearth our, me and my brother’s, mischiefs. When Dhruv was born, I contemplated Read more…

Nostalgia pint-sized #BarAThon Day 5

“Dhroooov, where are you going to running with that bag? Come back. I need to sort out all your old stuff. Ufff!” I screamed,throwing my hands in the air, and followed him to the next room.

In the other room, he had turned the bag upside down and there were memories lying scattered all around him. I stood there standing by the door observing him as he was arranging those memories on the floor.

Memories from the days when he started walking always intending to go bare foot.

Memories from the days we spent together roaming around the town on foot. He wouldn’t agree to get tucked up in the stroller and so I happened to push the stroller with one hand and held his small hand with the other.

Memories from the days when braving the cold, after the rains stopped, we used to venture out because the joy of jumping in puddles matched to none. Read more…

Tales photos tell #FridayReflections

I am spending my summer vacation at my parents’ place for a month. Since last year when Dhruv started pre-school, summer vacations have again gained their lost fervour in my life with all the compulsory travels.

My parents have changed numerous addresses Read more…

My gratitude for the darker days of life

These days, often, I have been left contemplating about my hardships as a mother and a parent. The journey, when it started surely was very hard but why does it not look like that anymore? Why am I not able to differentiate between parenting and life anymore? Why do I feel a little hesitant, these days, to categorize and tag my posts under the heading of parenting or motherhood? Is it because Read more…

LifeCell Mommies Day Out – A Carnival for Expecting Ladies in Gurgaon


Life Cell, India’s first and largest stem cell bank in association with Apollo Cradle (Gurgaon) is organising  Mommies Day Out Carnival for expecting ladies.

Read more…

Yess…I dream!

Ask a little girl what does she wish to become when she grows up and she will give various answers.

She has dreams. We clap our hands

When she grows up, she wants to be an independent working woman.

She has dreams. We clap our hands.

And, then she becomes a mother.

They say…

Dream, if you have to

Dream for your children Read more…

A Sound Sleep


Image courtsey Pixabay

Been ages

No peaceful sleep

How do I function

How do I reap Read more…

I am your garden


You saw my hair left open

You gave out a loud sigh

Mum, please tie up a ponytail

Then I wondered why

I tied them in a ponytail Read more…

Your Questions are Valuable


listening to you is such a treat

that my heart often skips a beat

your questions which never cease

your asking everytime ‘what noises are these’

and ‘what will happen next’ Read more…

A Moment


That thing in your eyes
had me fixed in it
Was it a lake
I drowned within it
Was it a mirror
I reflected myself in it
Was it a way
I traveled long in it
Was it a clear glass
I could see through in it
Whatever it was
It was a moment
I knew I existed in it

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