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Nostalgia comes in red #MondayMusings

Non-statutory warning – It is a lengthy post.

Nostalgia comes in RED (2)

It was summer of 69.

If only I could say that. I am all 60s in my outlook and orientation but unfortunately, I was not alive in 1969. I was born in the 1980s.

‘Summer of 69′ is the epitome of ultimate nostalgia. It has that kind of old world charm around it which a statement like – “It was July 2008” can never have and yet this is about July 2008.

The workforce in my office had returned from their summer vacation which meant that people like me who were not bound by the kids’ summer vacation (being childless) Read more…

The swinging me #MondayMusings

I have nothing to write about today. There are ideas sitting in my head lazily and telling me today is not their day to venture out. What do I do? What do I tell? And, Monday being a Monday, I have to meet you all with some story. So, I think I will take you back to my childhood when I was in 5th-6th Std and my parents were building a house of their dreams.

Back then in the early 90s, one used to build a house with intense passion hoping it would last a lifetime or even generations. Read more…

The date 06-10-2016


My eyes got affixed to this date in Dhruv’s Almanac.

Everyday, soon after he comes back home from school, the first thing I do is to take the Almanac out of his bag, scan for that day’s date and check the homework.

But 6th October, 2016 was just not any other date that I could simply move on to take note of the homework and close the Almanac. It was a special date bringing waves of memories from a decade ago. 10 years ago this day I, a shy young girlĀ married for 6 months, took a great leap for herself by travelling to the United States all alone. Having spent an over-protected Read more…

Nostalgia pint-sized #BarAThon Day 5

“Dhroooov, where are you going to running with that bag? Come back. I need to sort out all your old stuff. Ufff!” I screamed,throwing my hands in the air, and followed him to the next room.

In the other room, he had turnedĀ the bag upside down and there were memories lying scattered all around him. I stood there standing by the door observing him as he was arranging those memories on the floor.

Memories from the days when he started walking always intending to go bare foot.

Memories from the days we spent together roaming around the town on foot. He wouldn’t agree to get tucked up in the stroller and so I happened to push the stroller with one hand and held his small hand with the other.

Memories from the days when braving the cold, after the rains stopped, we used to venture out because the joy of jumping in puddles matched to none. Read more…

The keychain #CBF16

I came across Cherished Blogfest last year in 2015 where bloggers shared stories about one of their cherished object. Honestly speaking, I gave it a sincere thought then however I couldn’t come to think of any object which I valued more than anything. Having always considered objects easily dispensable and replaceable, nothing came close to my heart – no object, no photograph, no heir loom. Standalone memories, yes, lots of them but no object in particular.

The cherished blogfest makes a comeback this year once again putting my brain’s machinery to work. And, this time, I do have an object. This object is a key chain Read more…

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