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The keychain #CBF16

I came across Cherished Blogfest last year in 2015 where bloggers shared stories about one of their cherished object. Honestly speaking, I gave it a sincere thought then however I couldn’t come to think of any object which I valued more than anything. Having always considered objects easily dispensable and replaceable, nothing came close to my heart – no object, no photograph, no heir loom. Standalone memories, yes, lots of them but no object in particular.

The cherished blogfest makes a comeback this year once again putting my brain’s machinery to work. And, this time, I do have an object. This object is a key chain Read more…

The 'Do It Myself' Phase


In the past one and a half years, I have seen quite a few phases with Dhruv. First it was the separation anxiety phase. Then came the short-lived over-possessiveness phase where he wanted his mummy to just speak to him and no one else, especially outside home. Next in line came the ‘Do it myself’ phase. I, ironically, coined it as DIM on the lines of DIY.  The irony was though DIM expands into ‘Do it myself’ but in the literal sense it was hardly any close to dim atmosphere in the house with frequent shrieks of ‘Dhruv will do it myself…myself..myself’ accompanied with louder screams to vent out the frustration of not being able to carry out the task at hand. Read more…

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