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The Button Collection #PictureBookReview 15

A series of six timeless stories for children crafted with care.

Have you ever wondered about the buttons, we sport on our dresses and clothes everyday, that they could have a story to tell? Can we imagine they might have been a part of history and seen ages pass through, the good and the bad times? To be frank, I have thought in the same manner about old trees, forts, and ruins but never could quite stretch my imagination to see buttons being capable of telling their extraordinary stories.

This is why when I came across The Button Collection series of 6 stories, I immediately felt captivated by the context of the stories.

The Button Collection is a series of magical, traditional stories featuring a selection of different buttons. But, these are no ordinary buttons; from Bertie the Soldier to Bethany the Explorer Button; each has an enchanting story to tell.

My review –

The 6 interesting stories in The Button Collection are – Read more…

Who makes light bulbs? #MondayMusings

There are many books from our book shelf which we keep going back to and read them again and again. There is one such book, which we have been reading over the last year and a half, ‘My Name is not Alexander’, never can get enough of it.


The book cover

I love books where the mummy is missing from the plot and the daddy is independently taking care of the child. This causes a stir in Dhruv’s mind and out pops up the question every time, “Where could be his mummy?” This leads us to explore the various possibilities with the mummy being dead Read more…

The day I turned Anne…

Over the last weekend, I read Anne of Green Gables and the least I can say is I turned Anne myself, minus the talkative part.

Anne is a dreamy and a highly imaginative girl who sees beauty all around in her surroundings. Reading it led me to recall how was I when I had been 11 years old. But, I could remember nothing.

Here is an excerpt from the book – Read more…

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