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A leaf out of holidays #MondayMusings

I like to stay at home. There is nothing new in this as I keep shouting about it from my rooftop.


I do not like to venture out of town and go travelling or doing touristy stuff.

My idea of a holiday is –

  1. to wake up early, maximum by 6 am,
  2. do nothing for the next 2 hours or maybe meditating or reading,
  3. cook a hearty breakfast and a perfect cup of tea, 2 hours later, and
  4. to devour the tea and breakfast in absolute silence and solitude.

The rest of the 2 members are at their best supportive and co-operative attitude Read more…

The revolting mind #MondayMusings


I was sitting outside in the room’s balcony with a cup of tea and a book which I had packed along for the holiday.

It was the first week of June and we were spending 2 days in a resort in Madikeri. Monsoons were supposed to have set in but there were no rains, only the constant forecast of rains and thunderstorms on ‘The Weather Channel’.  The time was 6.30 am and the morning was a cool one. There were sounds of birds chirping in the surroundings which Read more…

Gratitude Post – Dec 2015

2015 is gone. 2016 has started.

2015 has been the best year of my life, I can confidently conclude. During this year I discovered how putting gratitude in written words brought about a tremendous change in my life. It heightened the awareness and strengthened my belief in the goodness. Read more…

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