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Are we listening? And enough? #MondayMusings

A couple of years ago, I lost a friend.


She chose to part ways because she felt I was consumed by my joys and sorrows to such an extent that I never allowed a pause to listen to her. She did not feel heard and valued in our friendship which set her off on a negative spiral.

The biggest good she did for me was she communicated clearly what she felt and why she was ending our friendship of many years. Now, what would a majority of people do in such a situation? They would give their explanations, negate the emotions of the aggrieved, attempt to hold the other at fault for feeling the way they have been feeling Read more…

My cherished treasure #WriteBravely

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 and this is my post for Day 1 in response to the prompt ‘Write about a treasure you have’.

Long ago I read somewhere that the only relationship one gets to have a say in choosing is friendships. All the rest of the relationships are either entrusted to us by the virtue of birth or marriage.

The best of the friendships are those where the persons involved contribute in uplifting each other with positivity and understanding.

Do you remember how important it used to be for us in kindergarten to promptly answer to the frequently posed question to us – ‘Who is your best friend’? And we always promptly answered furnishing our best friend’s name with a sense of pride. Having a best friend was the ultimate thing.

Then, we kept adding friends as we moved on along the way in life, right through school, college and the  Read more…

The Good vs Bad question

For sometime I have been fielding questions about what is good or bad and who is good or bad. The other day Dhruv came up and asked me, “Is shut-up a bad word?” to which I replied that it is rude for a person to tell somebody to shut up. Since one answer is never enough to clear the air of confusion in his head, another question popped up, “Is it only rude for older people to say shut up or is it the same for children too?” I answered, “It is rude for both children and adults.” His next, “But, is it bad?” “Yes, being rude is bad“, I said. “No No. You did not answer. Is shut-up a bad word?” he pestered. Realizing the loop I created I told, “Yes, it is.” Finally satisfied, his next tale began about him breaking friendship with a certain boy from the school bus because that friend spoke bad words to him and the bad word was shut up.

Another round of Good vs Bad discussion took place upon watching the movie Angry Birds.


Is Red good or bad? Is he bad because he likes nobody and nobody likes him? Are the pigs good or bad? Is the King Pig bad because he stole the birds’ eggs? Stealing is bad so he must be bad?Read more…

Gratitude Post – Dec 2015

2015 is gone. 2016 has started.

2015 has been the best year of my life, I can confidently conclude. During this year I discovered how putting gratitude in written words brought about a tremendous change in my life. It heightened the awareness and strengthened my belief in the goodness. Read more…

A Tea tale

On Tuesday this week, Dhruv and his friends Ar and Iss, after returning from school in the afternoon, were playing in the newly renovated park in our apartment. While both Ar and Iss, who are an year older than him, climbed up the climbing frame Dhruv was cheering them from down below. Read more…

What story do I tell today?

Dhruv’s father has been away from home for work since last month and thus, his bedtime storytelling department has also got entrusted to me. Therefore, every night after our reading ritual, as soon as the light is switched off I am required to tell a story. I repeat the same story every night for as long as the listener wants me to.

Read more…

Gratitude List – July

Yesterday evening it happened.

Dhruv, for the first time, ran out of my visible range, happily running and playing with his new friends from his school bus. Watching him opening up his wings and taking off flying was a joyous sight for me. At the same time, I was nervous. Nervous that I suddenly could not see him, he went out of my sight. I had been standing with a couple of friends listening to their conversation but the whole of the time my eyes kept searching for Dhruv in the distance.

Then I saw him far away emerging from around the corner in the garden area. I became content again. One of the friends pointed out that he was crying. Read more…

Sharing makes friends


Learning to share with others can be difficult for little kids because they easily get attached to everything they like, be it a toy or something they like to eat. But sharing is an important lesson to be taught and practised with children.

I got my first lesson in sharing when me and my brother were little kids. In those days, children used to distribute toffees in the class at school on their birthdays. Our mother would tell us to bring 1 toffee home for the other one whenever we get 2 toffees in such a birthday celebration. Read more…

What does it take to stay in love?


What does it take to stay in love

even after a decade?

there has to be something more than …..

the memory of the initial days of passionate love

the songs sung to the loved ones into the darkness of sleepy world
Read more…

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