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Unique #WordlessWednesday 16

Edinburgh Trip 034

We are accustomed to seeing old architecture and structures in the name of Parliament buildings. However, this photo is of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. The modernity of this building makes this Parliament unique.

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A cannon’s confusion #WordlessWednesday 13


Edinburgh Trip 018-1

Another view of the Edinburgh city from the Edinburgh castle


What is this cannon aiming at?

The enemy forces, or

The city it had once pledged to protect.

If it had a mind of its own

Would it not be confused

For once, the city that was on its side

has expanded far and wide.

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Castles in the sky #WordlessWednesday 12

Edinburgh Trip 260

One city is below and another one in the sky.

This photo was taken from the Edinburgh castle which is situated high above the Edinburgh city over a hill.

The name Edinburgh is pronounced as Edinburra or Edinbra.

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An Exploration Named Edinburgh

It is exactly 2 weeks from today when we will be saying goodbye to UK and heading home to India. And while we should have started packing our bags and selling off & donating our stuff which we will not be able to take back with us, we had this impulsive exploratory trip to Edinburgh yesterday.

On Friday morning, I was informed about a blunder committed at the hands of daddy dearest on Thursday night that he had booked his train tickets to Edinburgh for Saturday with return tickets on Sunday to meet one of his friend there to honour this friend’s invitation which he had been sending out Read more…

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