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A leaf out of holidays #MondayMusings

I like to stay at home. There is nothing new in this as I keep shouting about it from my rooftop.


I do not like to venture out of town and go travelling or doing touristy stuff.

My idea of a holiday is –

  1. to wake up early, maximum by 6 am,
  2. do nothing for the next 2 hours or maybe meditating or reading,
  3. cook a hearty breakfast and a perfect cup of tea, 2 hours later, and
  4. to devour the tea and breakfast in absolute silence and solitude.

The rest of the 2 members are at their best supportive and co-operative attitude Read more…

The swinging me #MondayMusings

I have nothing to write about today. There are ideas sitting in my head lazily and telling me today is not their day to venture out. What do I do? What do I tell? And, Monday being a Monday, I have to meet you all with some story. So, I think I will take you back to my childhood when I was in 5th-6th Std and my parents were building a house of their dreams.

Back then in the early 90s, one used to build a house with intense passion hoping it would last a lifetime or even generations. Read more…

To be published… #MondayMusings

Let me tell you a story today.

This story is about a girl who nurtured a dream of getting published ever since she was a child.

She was in 6th Std. when, in order to  fulfil her dream, she submitted a poem for the school magazine. The poem did not get published and she knew why. She had copied that poem from her previous school’s (the one she attended previously) annual magazine and her English Teacher would have made out that the poem was too good to be original for her.

In 12th Std, her 10th Std’s Sanskrit Teacher Read more…

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