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Golden childhood: My pet dog story Part 2 #MondayMusings

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The Homecoming


Continuation from Part 1

We moved to our newly built house in the month of October. The next month passed in a whirlwind preparing for the upcoming half-yearly exams in December.

One late December afternoon, the day our exams got over, I was dozing off catching up with all the lost sleep. Under the warmth of the quilt on that cold day having not the least inkling or sense of time and space, I could have passed off as nearly dead.

Didi bhow!!

A sudden heart-splitting scream rung into my face breaking my deep stupor.

Next, I let out an ear-splitting, nerve wrecking screech at the sight of a black monstrous Read more…

Golden childhood: My pet dog story Part 1 #MondayMusings

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3rd Standard.

In 3rd Standard, it was the first time I read a story in which there was a pet dog. To be candid, I don’t remember what the story was about. All I recall is a picture from that story in which 2 children were playing with their pet dog.

This picture evoked a wish. A wish of having a pet dog and playing with it. The word ‘play’ entailed throwing a ball or a stick away and having the pet dog go fetch it back. Therefore, we, my brother and I, undertook the first step of asking and pleading our mother to allow us to have a dog. Those were the days when we feared our father terribly. Our supposed argument of ‘PLAY with pet dog‘ couldn’t hold ground Read more…

Trampling the Idiot Box Revolution #MondayMusings

There was a time in my childhood when I grappled seriously with the disease called TV. On off days and in holidays, me and my brother immediately after waking up in the morning used to switch on the TV first thing and would sit in front of it. This got followed by bomb shells exploding on us from another corner of the house. No, I did not live in a war zone. Read more…

The rustic village life from my childhood memories

As a child, vacations for me and my brother meant visiting grandparents and cousins in our native village.

It was about living the carefree rustic life far from the everyday disciplined routine of the city life.stock-photo-beautiful-old-well-close-up-182455799

It was about deriving loads of fun from volunteering to run the handpump endlessly to fill buckets of water for everyone in
the house. Read more…

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