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Addressing my Depression (1) – Lack of sound sleep #MondayMusings


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Before beginning my musings today, first of all, I have to thank the readers of my last Monday’s post – Waddling through my depression, especially those who reached out to me to say they were going through a similar situation and my writing about my state was helpful to them in some ways and also those who sent me their healing thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

In my last post, I mentioned a few changes I have planned to include in my life as a means to address my depression.

Here is the first one – Read more…

Chilling Spilling Stories or Blatant lies? #MondayMusings


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Knock Knock.

Knock Knock.

The door opened.

The question was posed, “Why so late?”

“We had gone to the Police Station for an inquiry,” the answer was given.

I was still taking off my shoes before making my way inside the house to join the birthday party when the story, he made up for the answer, fell into my ears. I was left stunned with the impromptu. In my head, his Dadi’s accusations rung hard and loud with “Jhooth bol raha hai, jhooth bol raha hai.Read more…

The revolting mind #MondayMusings


I was sitting outside in the room’s balcony with a cup of tea and a book which I had packed along for the holiday.

It was the first week of June and we were spending 2 days in a resort in Madikeri. Monsoons were supposed to have set in but there were no rains, only the constant forecast of rains and thunderstorms on ‘The Weather Channel’.  The time was 6.30 am and the morning was a cool one. There were sounds of birds chirping in the surroundings which Read more…

First Attempt : Doomed

This is about the time last summer when one fine day I decided its high time to start Dhruv’s  potty training now that he had completed 26 months.

The umpteen potty training literature, which included the various published materials from the library and the children centres as well as the number of hours i clocked in terms of watching you tube videos, that I went through in preparation gave me the insight that the right age to start potty training starts 18 months onward. This meant that I had already lost a good 8 months. But to my respite the literature also pointed out that summer is the best time to start potty training. The limited summer time that the UK weather bestows meant buckling up the belts for quick and fast paced action. Continue Reading!

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