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5 crazy ways of raising a little reader


I have a young reader at home who has started reading short and simple stories independently. He never wants to miss his reading time which is twice a day, once at bedtime at night and another after waking up in the morning, barring one exception and that is when he is spending time with his grandparents.

There has been quite a many times when he is tired at night with drooping eyes and I ask him to stop reading after a page or…Continue Reading

5 expectations from a homemaker – #MondayMusings

Picture Credit – Pixabay

Every role in life comes with a bunch of expectations and so does it for a homemaker.

Who are the ones setting expectations – Both set of parents with one set consisting of the in-laws, the neighbours, the fellow homemakers and so on.

Here is a list of 5 expectations –

  1. She must be ‘lovingly’ cooking 3 meals a day, every day, with atleast one of them being lavish and elaborate.
  2. She must be performing all the religious…Continue Reading

Changing Mindsets, Sharing Responsibilities – #Pledgeforparity


We all must be familiar with the Population Census survey, having answered the questionnaire ourselves or, being women, having witnessed someone else from the family answering on our behalf. I am sure the second part of the preceding sentence sounds absurd, right? But this is the truth for majority of the women living in the joint family system, including me. Frankly speaking this never disturbed me. I have been fine with the elders of the house taking the lead, for their age and wisdom.

However, there was something else which disturbs me, the mindsets. Let me share an incidence which happened to one…Continue Reading

A Liberating Conversation – #MondayMusings

Picture Credit -Pixabay

We are feeling suffocated.

Why have you held us hostages?

Set us free. Set us free.

I will. I will. Soon

I will. I will. For sure.

I am waiting for inspiration to strike me to

present you all to the world in the most

interesting manner.

Interesting? Why?

Continue Reading…

Let me introduce myself…#MondayMusings



Recently, I joined a blogging group B-A-R and I was asked to introduce myself on its Facebook page. Now, believe it or not I spent half a day pondering upon which aspects of my personality and life to bring out as my introduction.

I weighed upon several aspects about where to begin, what to include, whether I should limit it to the mention of things from the surface or should I introduce something from my deeper self.

Introduction is a great way of knowing ourselves in addition to, off course, letting others know who we are. As we keep growing in life, we add a good deal of facets to our personality. We constantly discover more about ourselves and thus our introduction also keeps changing with the times.

The questions those prevailed in my mind, that day, were –





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