Weight – the gains and losses #MondayMusings


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It was last December that I decided to seriously do something concrete about my long-time neglected health. To start with, it meant I had to lose weight.

I have lost and gained weight many times in the last 15 years. I have tried abstaining from food. I have tried customized diets based upon my blood group. I have tried quick fixes like passive weight loss techniques of VLCC and Bodycare. I have read most of Rujuta Diwekar’s books. And, I did walking though never regularly and religiously. If you have lived in Delhi, you know how uncomfortable it can be to go out and indulge in any kind of physical activity because it will either be too hot and sweaty or too cold and shivering. I am well aware that fitness freaks do exist in such weather conditions but I wasn’t one of them. Continue reading

The illustrator’s alien #MondayMusings

All of you stand in a line with your kites and I will click a picture of you,” the instructor called out to the children.

Obediently, all the children formed a horizontal line showing off their kites or rather their drawings of kites. All the kites were perfectly held pointing upwards as if ready to soar high to touch the classroom’s ceiling. Only one kite was facing downwards as if it had already kissed the vast skies finally swooping down to the ground but caught midway. The child with the upside down kite was Dhruv.

This was not the only instance where he stood as the odd one out. He has performed a drill for his school’s sports day facing the opposite direction while all others faced the audience. And, there have been many other similar occasions. Continue reading

You are the Rebel Girl #MondayMusings


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There is a widely popular book for children these days by the name ‘Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’. We are also fond of it and every once in a while Dhruv asks me to read a few pages from the book to him.

But as it happens, by the time he finishes reading aloud to me there is limited time left for reading Rebel Girls. Hence, there is always this disagreement between us as to how many pages we will read. We give each other conservative figures and since the bedtime is ticking away in my mind, my conservative figure is way less than his. He would say 10, I would say 2. Owing to the bargaining rule of “Chalo tumhari na meri…“, I end up reading a number somewhere between 2 and 10.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is his go-to book for exploring names of countries, Continue reading

Back after a hiatus #MondayMusings

I am back.

I am back after a hiatus of 3 weeks.

Taking a Blogging Break

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Why did I take a break?

Learning SEO concepts and blog monetization – 

I realised I was not getting any time previously from my blogging and daily schedule to devote to new learnings and it had also become exhausting. I have huge respect for those who never skip a day of blogging or remain fairly regular (or maybe they do but nobody notices) because I cannot. I need a break after every 2-3 months to take a pause to check upon my anchor’s displacement Continue reading

8 questions for treat #MondayMusings

I realize it has been a considerable time since I treated you with Dhruv’s questions last. Keeping the entertainment quotient high for this week’s Monday Musings, here are his questions –


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  1. How many flights does one have to change when going to Brazil from India? (There have been similar questions in the past too and they never seem to end.)
  2. If it would take 7 days by road to reach Delhi from Bangalore then how many days will it take to reach Gurgaon? And what if we started our journey from Mysore instead of Bangalore, then how many days? (This is just one scenario. I have tried mapping distances from various Indian cities to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and even Jordan. The Google Maps has been of no help. How did he get to know Jordan, a small country which might go untraceable on the world map is my question.)
  3. Is Hawai a very cold place because there is ‘hawa‘ (read: the wind) in its name? (No connection, does it seem to us?)
  4. Shouldn’t we be discussing the stories in my books with each other like we discuss the ones in his books? (Now, this can be tricky.)
  5. Why do people flush their dead pet fish in the toilet? Do the fish not deserve some kindness from humans?
  6. Why is his life so boring waking up every morning at the same time followed by freshening up followed by brushing teeth followed by eating a banana followed by taking a bath followed by getting into school uniform followed by having an egg and a cup of milk for breakfast followed by picking up his bag and lunch bag and going to school? (Do you remember my complaining similarly about my morning schedule a few weeks back?)
  7. Why am I never satisfied with the way he writes in his notebooks since every time I keep complaining either he writes too big or he writes too small?
  8. Why does he always lose in the board games and I always end up winning? (I don’t tell him this way the game ends faster. I have been advised by my elders to let him win.)

On a closing note, I have been rechristened with a new name. Actually, not one but two – Badspectacled Mother and Madspectacled Mother. I see it a good way to practice rhyming words, however.

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4 Steps I follow to make my introvert child more confident #MMM


I am an introvert and I will tell you I hated it every time people told me to be more open, to talk more and to socialize more. I am extremely comfortable in my own skin now after having spent a large part of my life in confusion trying to figure out if I am an alien in my world which is mostly inhabited by outgoing people.

I know about myself that I thrive in my interactions with like minded people and will just be nodding my head to the point of exhaustion when with other types of people. I avoid social gatherings most of the times because it is mostly about dressing up, discussing clothes and jewelry and gossiping, areas I am least qualified in. Therefore, you know that if I am there, I would have made great efforts on my part.

I have witnessed similar traits in Dhruv over the past years Continue reading

New beginning beckons #MondayMusings


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It has been 6 years of being a mother and dreaming of getting to do things entirely on my own. If you have read my posts from 2014, you will have the idea of where I am coming from – a wailing child forever stuck to my leg dragging on with me throughout the house wherever and whenever I moved, my constant unsuccessful battles to get some me-time for me, my never ending complaints and numerous fights with people around me to claim that some time for myself forcefully and their cursing me with life-long loneliness in return and so on. I have come a long way since then.

Last week, I stepped out of the house all alone for the first time to attend the Women’s Writers Fest, first time without Dhruv accompanying me, first time even without worrying about him. It did not feel awkward at all and was a welcome change to concentrate on other people talking without his interjections. And for a whole day.  Continue reading

Reading Day Debacles #MondayMusings

Friday Morning

Dhruv missed school because he didn’t wake up on time and I did not have the required energy to coax him out of his sleep. I saw book lying on the table next to the bed and I aborted the plan to send him to school letting him sleep and hoping him to wake up as late as possible so that I could read peacefully. But as destiny would permit, he woke up at just the right time, 7.20 am. This is the time when we leave the house everyday to go to the bus stop. Now, since I did not get enough time to read by this time, I declared it to be the Reading Day in the house. The breakfast and lunch were already prepared to my respite since I had finished cooking early in the morning.


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On several occasions, I have suffered the consequences of Continue reading

Let’s just chat over coffee #writebravely

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘ and this is my post for the last day, Day 7 in response to the prompt – ‘If we were having coffee…’

If we were having coffee…


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  1. I shall tell you how happy I am that my parents have come to stay with me for a few days. I shall love to treat you with sweets and laddoos, they have brought with them.
  2. I shall tell you there is no other place like Delhi, among all the Indian metro cities, where you can get the best of mithai (sweets). I missed the sweet delicacies of Delhi a lot when I used to live in UK. All the cakes and pastries of the world are nothing in front of ‘Dilli ki mithai’. 
  3. I shall ask you if you remember my Day 3 post on Delhi – ‘Delhi in ruins’? Just do me a favour and kick it out of your mind for today my mood is chirpy and filled with happy thoughts about many things.
  4. I shall tell you my early morning workload has reduced for the time being with my mother taking care of the cooking part. Mommies are wonderful human beings, isn’t it?
  5. I shall tell you how much I am looking forward to the next 4 days of extended weekend which means I do not have to wash Dhruv’s white uniform urgently.  You can imagine what holidays mean to me.
  6. I shall tell you that WTFOW#6 has been an enriching experience for me. The prompts were easy for even a not-so-seasoned-writer like me. I had fun writing and bringing out posts everyday and interacting with fellow bloggers, many who have been with me and also many new ones.
  7. I shall tell you that I found my blog’s 200th WordPress follower on the same day on which I had written my letter. She is Sheethal Susan Jacob who blogs at Scribblings. Can I ask you a second favour? Will you be kind and follow her blog on my insistence? I know you love me for who I am and will not refuse me.
  8. I shall tell you as much as I am happy and content with my participation in WTFOW#6, I am also looking forward for it to get over so that I can get back to reading my books. Especially, the ones – ‘Perfect’ and ‘Flawed’ by Cecelia Ahern, which I bought with the Amazon gift coupon I won as the winner of Day 1 of this Write Tribe festival.
  9. Realizing that our coffee is almost finished, I shall ask you if you had a good time having coffee with me? And, would you love to meet me over coffee again, someday? I promise, I am going to speak less the next time and let you do all the talking. I promise to be all ears.

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Guest Post : Open a Book…Together #writebravely

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘ and this is my post for Day 6 in response to the prompt – ‘Feature a guest.’

For my guest post, I am thankful to Sunaina Bhatia who agreed to do this post for me at a short notice. Sunaina Bhatia is an avid reader and a talented blogger who blogs at ‘When I stopped to smell a rose’ and ‘Mere desh ki mitti’She is a good friend, I have found courtesy the world of blogging, and both of us share the same passion and commitment for raising readers. You have read about my reading journey with Dhruv quite a lot. Today, Sunaina will be taking you along her reading journey with her 2 children.

If you think raising a single child as a reader is a challenge, then Sunaina is an inspiration for all of us because she is doing the same with 2 kids.

Let’s give her a warm welcome.


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 When my son was born, among other things that I bought for him in the first six months were books. Small, colourful picture books that he started holding the day he started sitting up. It was a ‘weird’ sight for many, and some even laughed at me and considered me crazy. But I turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to all criticism and continued my ‘crazy’ shopping. I even started going to the library, a blessing in the US. Free access to countless treasures in print lured me almost every week. And icing on the cake was the library bus, the Bookmobile, that would visit every fortnight, the complex we lived in.
I was an avid reader myself as a child. I didn’t travel much, didn’t go to many places. But thanks to my parents, I was blessed to have books every now and then. From detective fiction to literature, my parents endowed me with a wealth that would stay with me forever. Books would often let me travel to places unseen and unheard of. The feeling is indescribable in words for me. It is something only a reader like myself can savour, can relate to. Needless to say, I wanted my kids to experience the same joy, the same delight. 
Raising a reader is not something that happens overnight. When it was time for transition from picture books to stories, I was faced with a challenge. Children have strong personalities that is reflected in the way they play, the choices they make when they are little. It is not at all necessary that they will enjoy the same stories which we have loved. So, I would bring books after books from the library to understand my son’s (my first born) taste. After umpteen number of attempts, I finally found a book that absorbed him completely. It was titled Henry and the Dump Truck, a story of a shy boy who was fascinated with the dump truck that came to pick their trash every week. I read that book to him during daytime, and night-time, whenever he demanded. And so began our ‘reading’ time. I have read to him every day if my memory serves me right –  even after he started reading on his own, because he enjoys this ‘together’ time a lot. I pick books for him even now, although he is eight and has clear interests. I don’t intend to impose my likes and interests on him but I wish to expand his horizon. 
The challenge to figure out your child’s leaning is something I have faced with my daughter (my second born) as well. She has inherited her brother’s collection but she has made strong, definitive choices of her own. This reflects her taste, and boosts her individuality too. This I think is very important in raising a reader. Let them choose, and respect their choices. It is crucial in developing their confidence. So, while offering them a range of topics that are diverse and new to them, I have given them space to enjoy their princesses, monsters, Fly-Guys, Captain Underpants, and Ballerinas.
Reading sensitizes the mind. It opens up one’s perspective. It lets one imagine, it allows one to delve into the other’s shoe and look at things from a different angle. Reading together is even more important because it gives you a chance to interact, to express difficult feelings like that of anger, and loss. It also gives both the child and parent a chance to come closer by communicating the thoughts that come up while going through a story together. It tells you what is going on in the child’s mind – his worries, his concerns, his queries.
As a parent, it is so important to know what is going on with your growing child, right? And don’t worry if a book doesn’t catch your child’s fancy. It is okay. It shows that s/he has a taste. Also don’t grudge if the book that s/he chooses is not as per your taste. It ought not bother you because s/he is the reader, not you. The best that you can do is to give your child the freedom to choose. Make books accessible in your home. Give them gift of books. Read, read together. Make it enjoyable – for you and for your child.
Read together with your child
About things that are funny and wise
Tell him about things that are true
and things that are only lies
Let him imagine 
Let him pretend
Give him the chance to make book his best friend…..

I hope you enjoyed reading this post by Sunaina.

You can also follow her on Twitter

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