10 positive techniques to discipline our sons


In the last article, we had seen the unique characteristics of boys (under the age of 5) and how they are different from girls. Equal but, yes, at the same time different. We have thus taken the first step to understanding our sons better.

Here are 10 techniques to encourage your son to listen, engage and accept discipline and boundaries. These techniques work with most of the boys. They are not difficult, but the more you try them the more they will work.

  • Touch and talk

If you want his attention, touch your son on the arm. Even if he looks away his ears will open. This isn’t a grip or a tug, just a touch. Continue reading

5 ways boys are different from girls


boys and girls

Image Courtesy – The Suburban

Boys are different from girls!

It is difficult disciplining sons while with daughters it is relatively much easier. Raise your hand if you have heard this or have talked about this.

Well, since I am the mother of an only son, I do not have the first-hand experience in this regard but have definitely heard about the same from fellow moms who are raising both sons and daughters. They often tell how exhausting it can be disciplining little boys while it isn’t the case with their daughters.

This led me to look into the research made in this area of how boys, even under the age of 5, are different from the girls in the same age group. These research findings are particularly helpful in understanding our boys better.

Let us look at the 5 main findings Continue reading

4 Steps I follow to make my introvert child more confident #MMM


I am an introvert and I will tell you I hated it every time people told me to be more open, to talk more and to socialize more. I am extremely comfortable in my own skin now after having spent a large part of my life in confusion trying to figure out if I am an alien in my world which is mostly inhabited by outgoing people.

I know about myself that I thrive in my interactions with like minded people and will just be nodding my head to the point of exhaustion when with other types of people. I avoid social gatherings most of the times because it is mostly about dressing up, discussing clothes and jewelry and gossiping, areas I am least qualified in. Therefore, you know that if I am there, I would have made great efforts on my part.

I have witnessed similar traits in Dhruv over the past years Continue reading

Answering the unanswerable

“Mummy, tell me why do they show people kissing on the lips on TV? You say it is bad and nobody should do this.”


Ooops! Now this is a tricky one,” I thought.

Kissing on the lips is not allowed with children is a part of the lesson I impart to him and remind him from time to time in addition to the other lessons on sexual abuse.

I did not have an answer. Continue reading

A ‘work-in-progress’ parent #FridayReflections

I blog about my life as a parent. I have been a parent for quite some time. 5 years to be precise. Ask me a question. Ask me whether these 5 long years have enabled comfort and confidence in me with respect to my parenting skills? I will definitely give you the answer but there will not be much to say except for a “hmm….umm”.

Each day is a new day. Each day brings new challenges, new situations to counter. I cannot rest on my past laurels because the confidence coming from such success quickly vanishes as soon as a new tricky Continue reading

This MOM's Life

This is a guest post I did for Vasantha from the blog ‘My Sweet Nothings’. I felt immensely humbled by all the kind and lovely words she has mentioned about me in this post.

Surviving the first day of school


The parents along with the kid had already attended the orientation process in the kid’s classroom with his teachers on the school opening day. After half an hour of activity, all 3 returned home together and happily. It was then the real challenge surfaced. The next day was going to be the kid’s first independent day at the school which included the school bus ride as well.

Survival regime for the kid’s first day of school

The night before – Continue reading

Parenting is team work : Is it really?


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Parenting is a team work and parents are team members. Only that one of them easily slips into the role of the team manager and since there are just 2 members, the other becomes the task executor. The former role is widely seen played by the character called father and the performance of the latter role gets entrusted to the mother.

If you are middle aged parents, then the father (with mother being stay-at-home mom) is most likely to be in middle level management or a notch above it and you Continue reading