The word 'Thank' is not enough

I am a reflection of my mother.


Me and my brother. I am the one looking serious.

Who is she and what she has done for me always stays with me in my mind. This year Mother’s Day and ‘The Champa Tree‘ have given me the opportunity to give words to those intangible thoughts and to transcend them into a bigger space.

I was the second born to my mother after her first baby who died at the age of 5 months Continue reading

Raising a son like a son!!

It is often that I come across articles mentioning raising daughters like sons or raising sons like daughters. Giving a thought over this, I feel that this idea is so restrictive in itself. For once I do not understand what it is to raise a child like a daughter or to raise like a son. Is being a daughter or a son more important than being a human being who is sensitive and appreciative of the world around, of the other gender and of the other creatures?

I choose not to raise my son Dhruv like a girl or the daughter whom I will never have (owing to the medical reasons) but as a sensitive human being. I am not going to bind him into any stereotypes. Continue reading

I survived the Separation Anxiety phase

This post is the closest of all to my heart. This is about the time which I consider the rock bottom of my life. But I bounced back to realize my strengths and stability. Last week this post got featured on Smart Indian Women. I am reblogging it to share it with my readers.

Memo to my Boss (Biting is unprofessional)

A brilliant post. Do read this if you want to get yourself into bouts of laughter.

Big Trouble in Little Nappies

letter to babyDear Sir,

I am writing this somewhat reluctantly, but after verbal attempts to negotiate broke down without resolution, I am left with little choice. I have been in your employment for over 18 months now, and whilst I enjoy my post immensely, a few changes to my contract are required in order for me to attain some work / life balance.

I wouldn’t usually take a formal approach to this kind of thing, but it can be tricky to hold a sensible conversation with you. You regularly laugh in my face when I am trying to express my dissatisfaction with something you have done, and I find your interruptions – usually involving a request to sing or provide food – rather rude when I am in the middle of making an important point.

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The Connection named Motherhood

10 years back –

Orkut mania hit India.

People went crazy searching for old long lost classmates, batchmates, school mates, ex-collegues etc etc and adding them to their friend lists.

During those times, A1 contacted B2 and sent a friend request. B2 gave it a thought if she can be friends with A1 but, out of courtesy, accepted the friend request. A1 was socially very active making a lot of status updates each and every day. Her ever frequent status updates kept claiming a major part of B2’s Orkut home page sometimes creating irritability factor in B2.

One day, A1 contacted B2 on Google chat to know more about the latter –

A1 asked “What work do you do?”

B2 answered “Finance.” Continue reading

A Lean Child makes a Mean Mother

One week on Indian soil….

One week of being with family and meeting relatives…..

One major discovery….

Oh My GOD!!!! Dhruv is so lean!!!!

Kitna kamzor hai (he is so weak) and all the nani-dadi’s melodrama attached with a lean (read: kamzor) child (read: khandan ka chirag).

I am well aware of his picky eating habits, his non-existent relationship with milk and any milk preparations and his persistent usage of the Continue reading

I survived the Separation Anxiety phase

I_Am_A_SurvivorThe separation anxiety phase struck my house when Dhruv was close to turning 2 years old and it continued for a year. While a lot of information is available on the web on this topic with respect to its symptoms and effects on the children and how can a parent help a child in easing out his/her anxiety, there is nothing much on about what this separation anxiety in a child does to the parent or the primary carer. And even if there is something it is very impersonal.

Separation anxiety disorder (SAD) is a psychological condition in which an individual experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or from peopleto whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment (e.g. a parent, grandparents, or siblings)

Source: Wikipedia

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The blog rechristened

Thriving that I think now I am in the journey of motherhood, having learnt quite a few nuisances of it and moving ahead from the know nothing phase, it is time to rechristen the blog ‘I know nothing about it’ with a name true for all seasons….’The Bespectacled Mother’.