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My word of the year 2019 #WOTY #MondayMusings



It is mid-January of 2019 and I am still not done with my reflections post for 2018. To be honest, it was not a great year for me, not even satisfying and it scares me to think of revisiting it. I have tried it. I wrote about it. I filled atleast 10 pages of my diary in an attempt to sort my thoughts to put together in a blog post. Unfortunately, this has not worked. I may be much stable at present but going through those 10 pages makes me go all tangled in my head. I simply cannot write a full-fledged 2018 reflections Read more…

International Blog Delurking Week 2019

Each year, the first week of January is celebrated as International Blog Delurking Week.


Now, what does this mean?

it is an ancient tradition. Well, supposedly, as ancient as the invention of the world wide web and blogging. The first full week in January is about encouraging your real readers to raise their hands up to show they were around on the blog.

It runs this year from the 7th until the 13th. Therefore, you have a full week ahead to drop down your reading cloaks which have been lending you the magical power to remain invisible and check in with an “I’m here” comment. Read more…

About me and my relaxed life! #MondayMusings

Him – Badon ki life bahut relaxed hoti hai.
Me – Kiski relaxed life dekh li tune?
Him – Papa ko dekho. Kitna sote hain. Sote rehte hain. Subah late uthte hain.
Me – Hmmm. Aur meri life ke baare main kya kehna hai tujhe? Main to jaldi uthti Hun, sabse pehle, khaana vaana banati hun, tujhe school bhi chodne jaati hun thand main baarish main.
Him – Tum phir uske baad saara din baithi rehti ho. Relaxed life hai tumhara bhi.

The image is misleading. Totally. Image Source – Canva

This excerpt is from last week when Dhruv and I were chatting on the way walking to school one morning.

Read more…

Addressing my Depression (1) – Lack of sound sleep #MondayMusings


Image sour e –

Before beginning my musings today, first of all, I have to thank the readers of my last Monday’s post – Waddling through my depression, especially those who reached out to me to say they were going through a similar situation and my writing about my state was helpful to them in some ways and also those who sent me their healing thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

In my last post, I mentioned a few changes I have planned to include in my life as a means to address my depression.

Here is the first one – Read more…

Waddling through my depression #MondayMusings


Image Source – Pixabay

Morning scene last Sunday.

The clock struck 7.30 am. I open my eyes.

The clock struck 8.30 am. I am staring outside the window at the blue sky.

The clock struck 10.30 am. I am still in bed, prodding myself to get out of the bed, to begin the day, to cook something to feed the self and the other 2 creatures in the house. And then the side chores and their remembrance weigh the mind down. There is also a visit to the Asian store on the cards to buy vegetables which needs to be done before 5 pm because the store ( and everything else) closes down at 5 pm on Sundays.
Inner voice #1 – “The breakfast

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Chilling Spilling Stories or Blatant lies? #MondayMusings


Image Source – Pixabay

Knock Knock.

Knock Knock.

The door opened.

The question was posed, “Why so late?”

“We had gone to the Police Station for an inquiry,” the answer was given.

I was still taking off my shoes before making my way inside the house to join the birthday party when the story, he made up for the answer, fell into my ears. I was left stunned with the impromptu. In my head, his Dadi’s accusations rung hard and loud with “Jhooth bol raha hai, jhooth bol raha hai.Read more…

Golden childhood: My pet dog story Part 2 #MondayMusings

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The Homecoming


Continuation from Part 1

We moved to our newly built house in the month of October. The next month passed in a whirlwind preparing for the upcoming half-yearly exams in December.

One late December afternoon, the day our exams got over, I was dozing off catching up with all the lost sleep. Under the warmth of the quilt on that cold day having not the least inkling or sense of time and space, I could have passed off as nearly dead.

Didi bhow!!

A sudden heart-splitting scream rung into my face breaking my deep stupor.

Next, I let out an ear-splitting, nerve wrecking screech at the sight of a black monstrous Read more…

Golden childhood: My pet dog story Part 1 #MondayMusings

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Image Source : Pixabay

3rd Standard.

In 3rd Standard, it was the first time I read a story in which there was a pet dog. To be candid, I don’t remember what the story was about. All I recall is a picture from that story in which 2 children were playing with their pet dog.

This picture evoked a wish. A wish of having a pet dog and playing with it. The word ‘play’ entailed throwing a ball or a stick away and having the pet dog go fetch it back. Therefore, we, my brother and I, undertook the first step of asking and pleading our mother to allow us to have a dog. Those were the days when we feared our father terribly. Our supposed argument of ‘PLAY with pet dog‘ couldn’t hold ground Read more…

Beginning October with gratitude #MondayMusings

How was your September?


MIne was full of struggles with my mental health. What began at the end of July with perpetual exhaustion got converted into a constant feeling of being lost and disconnect with the world and also with myself throughout the month of August. Contrary to my efforts of getting back on track, September saw me amidst the throes of depression whereby I spent my days crying or lying in bed or both. It could have got worst if I didn’t have my virtual friends to confide in. Today, with the beginning of the new month of October, I can see I have loads to feel grateful about. Read more…

Are we listening? And enough? #MondayMusings

A couple of years ago, I lost a friend.


She chose to part ways because she felt I was consumed by my joys and sorrows to such an extent that I never allowed a pause to listen to her. She did not feel heard and valued in our friendship which set her off on a negative spiral.

The biggest good she did for me was she communicated clearly what she felt and why she was ending our friendship of many years. Now, what would a majority of people do in such a situation? They would give their explanations, negate the emotions of the aggrieved, attempt to hold the other at fault for feeling the way they have been feeling Read more…

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