The illustrator’s alien #MondayMusings

All of you stand in a line with your kites and I will click a picture of you,” the instructor called out to the children.

Obediently, all the children formed a horizontal line showing off their kites or rather their drawings of kites. All the kites were perfectly held pointing upwards as if ready to soar high to touch the classroom’s ceiling. Only one kite was facing downwards as if it had already kissed the vast skies finally swooping down to the ground but caught midway. The child with the upside down kite was Dhruv.

This was not the only instance where he stood as the odd one out. He has performed a drill for his school’s sports day facing the opposite direction while all others faced the audience. And, there have been many other similar occasions.

In various storytelling sessions that we have been to, in case he did not like the session, he has stood by the window gazing outside at the passing cars, he has distracted the storyteller and one time, to my acute embarrassment, he began doing rounds of yoga asanas right there in the middle of the room while the story was still going on. He is fairly obedient at home and also outside yet when he begins functioning on a different rhythm, he becomes unstoppable.

A similar incidence happened last Saturday when we had gone to a children’s book illustrator’s event. This event was meant for 5-10-year-old children.  The illustrator first read her book and afterwards conducted an activity with children which was about making animals pictures using paper cuttings of various shapes. At this point, I stepped out to the adjacent room to check out the books available for sale.

1o minutes later, Dhruv came up to me to show his work. There were no traces of paper cuttings on his sheet. Instead, I saw what seemed to me criss-cross lines which may or may not have begun with the shape’s outline. Since I have a grown-up mind – hardly imaginative or creative, I felt it safe to ask him what is the story of his drawing. So, it was an alien animal from the planet Mercury. It had 2 heads on both the sides. The left one was meant for eating and the right one was meant for doing potty and vomiting. Don’t ask me about the obsession with the potty.

I followed him back into the room where I saw the other children had made such neat pictures of animals with perfect shapes which I am assuming their mothers must have helped or we have some wonderful future illustrators in the making. I wish I had taken pictures of their artworks.

And then I glanced at Dhruv’s sheet. He was giving final touches by pasting small bits of paper one over another in one blank part on his sheet. After all, he was meant to stick paper cuttings, so be it.

On satisfactorily finishing off his work, he held it up to show me the epitaph for the Alien Animal – April 7, 2009 to March 28, 2018.

Let us all pray for Dhruv’s Alien Animal who has only 6 more months to live.

And, did I tell you its name? The name actually came 2 days later while the story kept evolving. Its name is Tigros.


The Alien Animal


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You are the Rebel Girl #MondayMusings


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There is a widely popular book for children these days by the name ‘Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’. We are also fond of it and every once in a while Dhruv asks me to read a few pages from the book to him.

But as it happens, by the time he finishes reading aloud to me there is limited time left for reading Rebel Girls. Hence, there is always this disagreement between us as to how many pages we will read. We give each other conservative figures and since the bedtime is ticking away in my mind, my conservative figure is way less than his. He would say 10, I would say 2. Owing to the bargaining rule of “Chalo tumhari na meri…“, I end up reading a number somewhere between 2 and 10.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is his go-to book for exploring names of countries, quotes by the women, the dates of their birth and death and the names of various professions. Out of all, the most interesting aspect for him is to calculate (which of course I do for him) the ages of the women when they died and whether I was alive then, followed by rest of the people on my side and husband’s side.

We have also used this book for completing one school assignment. For this assignment, the kids of his class had to write a page on a mathematician. Now that he has a silent crusader for a mother, he could not have settled with well-known male mathematicians like Ramanujam and Paul Erdos. Instead, his mother surfed through the Rebel Girls book and found one woman mathematician from ancient Egypt, Hypatia, for the write-up. Was his assignment among the unique ones in the class? I hope so.

He has two favourite women achievers from the book. One is Rani Lakshmi Bai because she is from India and the other one is Jacquotte Delahaye because she was a pirate not from Somalia but in the Caribbean Sea. Somalian pirates are his latest interest and a cause for concern with respect to those travelling by sea routes. The Caribbean was unknown to him but then what is Mummy for? The globe was given a rotation and the Caribbean Sea was discovered.


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A few days later, I heard him proudly educating his father about the presence of pirates even in the Caribbean Sea, referring to the Rebel GIrls book since substantiation is utmost necessary.

Can a book, which is read often, be complete without asking a thought-provoking question?

So, his question was –

Why isn’t there a book called Goodnight stories for Rebel Boys?

I had an explanation about the expectations from girls and women to stay at home and look after the children, family and house. In many parts of the world, it takes rebellion for girls to do things other than this. They have to fight lots to go against the tide and it is not easy. This book brings examples of such brave girls and women for the children.

“Mummy, you are also a rebel girl,” he exclaimed on a closing note.

Now, this was completely unexpected for me to hear from him.

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Back after a hiatus #MondayMusings

I am back.

I am back after a hiatus of 3 weeks.

Taking a Blogging Break

Image courtesy: Momma wants Java

Why did I take a break?

Learning SEO concepts and blog monetization – 

I realised I was not getting any time previously from my blogging and daily schedule to devote to new learnings and it had also become exhausting. I have huge respect for those who never skip a day of blogging or remain fairly regular (or maybe they do but nobody notices) because I cannot. I need a break after every 2-3 months to take a pause to check upon my anchor’s displacement Continue reading

8 questions for treat #MondayMusings

I realize it has been a considerable time since I treated you with Dhruv’s questions last. Keeping the entertainment quotient high for this week’s Monday Musings, here are his questions –


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  1. How many flights does one have to change when going to Brazil from India? (There have been similar questions in the past too and they never seem to end.)
  2. If it would take 7 days by road to reach Delhi from Bangalore then how many days will it take to reach Gurgaon? And what if we started our journey from Mysore instead of Bangalore, then how many days? (This is just one scenario. I have tried mapping distances from various Indian cities to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and even Jordan. The Google Maps has been of no help. How did he get to know Jordan, a small country which might go untraceable on the world map is my question.)
  3. Is Hawai a very cold place because there is ‘hawa‘ (read: the wind) in its name? (No connection, does it seem to us?)
  4. Shouldn’t we be discussing the stories in my books with each other like we discuss the ones in his books? (Now, this can be tricky.)
  5. Why do people flush their dead pet fish in the toilet? Do the fish not deserve some kindness from humans?
  6. Why is his life so boring waking up every morning at the same time followed by freshening up followed by brushing teeth followed by eating a banana followed by taking a bath followed by getting into school uniform followed by having an egg and a cup of milk for breakfast followed by picking up his bag and lunch bag and going to school? (Do you remember my complaining similarly about my morning schedule a few weeks back?)
  7. Why am I never satisfied with the way he writes in his notebooks since every time I keep complaining either he writes too big or he writes too small?
  8. Why does he always lose in the board games and I always end up winning? (I don’t tell him this way the game ends faster. I have been advised by my elders to let him win.)

On a closing note, I have been rechristened with a new name. Actually, not one but two – Badspectacled Mother and Madspectacled Mother. I see it a good way to practice rhyming words, however.

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New beginning beckons #MondayMusings


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It has been 6 years of being a mother and dreaming of getting to do things entirely on my own. If you have read my posts from 2014, you will have the idea of where I am coming from – a wailing child forever stuck to my leg dragging on with me throughout the house wherever and whenever I moved, my constant unsuccessful battles to get some me-time for me, my never ending complaints and numerous fights with people around me to claim that some time for myself forcefully and their cursing me with life-long loneliness in return and so on. I have come a long way since then.

Last week, I stepped out of the house all alone for the first time to attend the Women’s Writers Fest, first time without Dhruv accompanying me, first time even without worrying about him. It did not feel awkward at all and was a welcome change to concentrate on other people talking without his interjections. And for a whole day.  Continue reading

Reading Day Debacles #MondayMusings

Friday Morning

Dhruv missed school because he didn’t wake up on time and I did not have the required energy to coax him out of his sleep. I saw book lying on the table next to the bed and I aborted the plan to send him to school letting him sleep and hoping him to wake up as late as possible so that I could read peacefully. But as destiny would permit, he woke up at just the right time, 7.20 am. This is the time when we leave the house everyday to go to the bus stop. Now, since I did not get enough time to read by this time, I declared it to be the Reading Day in the house. The breakfast and lunch were already prepared to my respite since I had finished cooking early in the morning.


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On several occasions, I have suffered the consequences of Continue reading

Jab Harry met… #MondayMusings

I am not a fan of watching Hindi movies. There was a time, a decade or so earlier, when I liked to watch them but not anymore. And romances are a strict no. I just can’t bear them. I shall hold my middle age and the quote ‘Sansaar ek mithya hai‘ (This world is a misnomer) responsible for my present orientation.

This weekend, I learnt the truth in the saying ‘Never say never’.

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Cycle Repair Wala #MondayMusings


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Madam! Aap!

Oh yes Shakur Bhai, It’s me again.

What brings you this Sunday morning to our shop Madam?

See Shakur Bhai, what happens on Sunday mornings is my maid takes her weekly off so there isn’t any work for me in the house. Thus, Sundays are the best for getting the weekly repairs done on the cycle. Today, it is the shaking mud guard over the front wheel.

No problem at all. This will be mended in a jiffy. How about the repairs I did last Sunday? All well?

Of course, it is all well. You are an artist Shakur bhai. Any repair which you do will fall apart within a week? Never!!  Continue reading

5 ways I work to deal with my yelling problem #MondayMusings

Dhruv, stay seated.

Dhruv, stop talking and finish your meal fast.

Dhruv, this is what I have cooked today and you will have to eat it, whether you like it or not.

Dhruv, get ready fast, we have to leave in 5 minutes.


This must be the common scenario in every home with a change of situations and definitely change of names.

How many times it happens that we, as parents, reach the brink of our patience levels. We keep reminding the children but our reminders fell on deaf ears causing us to lose our patience and yelling at such times becomes inevitable.

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Anything but books tag #MondayMusings


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A month ago, Shantala of Shanaya Tales tagged me to take up this ‘About Me’ post where I have to talk about myself but without mentioning books. In my capacity as a blogger, I must have published numerous posts talking about myself. This is actually what I do consistently every Monday with my Monday Musings post. For this reason, I have started declining award nominations where I am required to answer questions about myself because there is nothing more to write. I am, just, out there.

Now, what prompted me to take up Shantala’s tag?

One, I have to be creative to carve out my life without touching the bookish part. Not easy, especially since when the life in questions revolves around books.  Continue reading