New interest – Google Voice Search #MondayMusings

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Dhruv’s sickness has held us captive in the hot summer of North India and we couldn’t return home to the cool weather on the said date. While the last 3 days were kind of difficult for him with severe dehydration and stomach infection, there is something he has discovered lying on the bed and recovering and that is Google voice search.

As soon as he is able to muster some energy, he can be heard speaking different combinations into the phone and watching the images. Cars top his search, undoubtedly, followed by his latest interest – sea snakes. Continue reading

Where is the time to read #MondayMusings

6 days.

My mind fetched out the calculation.

It has been 6 days of Dhruv having nothing to do with the story books  he had brought with him from Bangalore in his school bag.

While we were packing our bags at home for the summer vacation, I suggested to him if he would like to pack a few books and out came too many of them. Some had hard cover which made his bag heavier but he was reluctant to leave them behind. To Dhruv’s relief, Papa chipped in to give the hardcover books place in his own suitcase. Continue reading

The Conniving Filmy Kids #MondayMusings

Today I am going to tell you a story about 2 children who  enjoyed a happy childhood.

They grew up in the era when children being spanked by the parents was a widely accepted norm and they were okay with it. Their parents had divided departments between them to take care of their children’s spanking needs. While the father took care of their education department always demanding them to turn up with the subject’s books they were respectively weak in and the mother took care of the minor disciplinary departments referring the major ones to the father thus broadening his area of responsibility. Still the kids were of the opinion that they were kind of well off compared to their cousins who had more instances of deadly violations by their parents.

In addition, these 2 kids were quite fighters Continue reading

Linguistic Pursuits #MondayMusings


Linguistic Pursuits 2

Cars are the most wonderful creation man has made. It takes a keen eye to appreciate the beauty of cars and the differences in key features of different cars. 

You might be thinking what am I writing. Clearly the above lines are not about me. There is something else which is about me and that is interest in languages. Apart from the two languages, Hindi and English, which I know how to read and write, I can lend my signature in Assamese as well, the language I studied from 1st Std to 3rd Std.  Continue reading

Dealing with someone’s anger #MondayMusings


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A person is yelling at you for reasons you cannot understand or may be you do. That person is rejecting you with every sharp word that comes out of her mouth. What would you do in such a situation? Talk back, yell back or leave the place?

If you ask me, I will tell you it depends. If the person yelling and rejecting are my parents, I might talk back. If that person is my mother-in-law, I will leave the place.  However, on scrutinizing both the scenarios, one may realize that they aren’t helpful in minimizing the ill-effects of anger on account of both the parties.  Continue reading

5 lessons I learnt as a mother #MondayMommyMoments

Learning continues for as long we live, whether we acknowledge it or not. And, when you are a mom, your children become the instrumental factor which ensures you get transformed into a completely new and improved version of yourself.

While I was a child, I used to wonder if my mother had some sort of superpowers or if she knew magic because everytime she could smell and unearth our, me and my brother’s, mischiefs. When Dhruv was born, I contemplated Continue reading

In Conversation With Anamika Agnihotri!

Here is my guest post on Lovey’s blog who blogs at ‘Through the window of life.’
Thank you Lovey for hosting me and giving me a nice introduction.

Through The Window Of Life

Blogging is a different world altogether. You meet people, make new friends, encourage and motivate each other’s writings.

One day, while reading, I thought about knowing more about my fellow bloggers. I have not met them in person and this led to the curiosity to know them, about their lives and learn from their blogging journey.

And this inspired me to host posts from the bloggers I follow. I asked some of the bloggers and was extremely happy to hear positive responses.

Starting with the first in this series, I have Anamika Agnihotri, who writes at She shares her parenting experiences in raising her 5-year-old son telling the funniest anecdotes as well as sharing some hands-on tips. She says, “Parenting is a tiring job and at times can tend to become daunting too. Over this period of time, I have learnt some and am still exploring the fine nuisances…

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Answering the unanswerable

“Mummy, tell me why do they show people kissing on the lips on TV? You say it is bad and nobody should do this.”


Ooops! Now this is a tricky one,” I thought.

Kissing on the lips is not allowed with children is a part of the lesson I impart to him and remind him from time to time in addition to the other lessons on sexual abuse.

I did not have an answer. Continue reading

5 favourite online shopping sites #MMM

Shopping used to be such a big task years ago. Whether, it was shopping for groceries, vegetables, clothes, household items or anything, it would consume whole of the Sunday. We braved the heat and the bitter cold, stood by the parents, walked with them past the unruly vehicles while they hopped from shop to shop comparing the prices. I admit this process made me develop a perennial dislike for shopping. The other day, I was discussing with my father how Continue reading