One day, the newspaper was discovered… #MondayMusings



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It was a day when lightning struck outside our apartment building with fire blazing all around and I called out to Dhruv to come outside in the balcony to watch what was happening. He refused stating he had just discovered the world of the newspaper asking me not to disturb him.

If you are wondering and feeling pity for me that I am living in a burnt down neighbourhood, then let me assure you the above big event happened many months ago.  Dhruv discovering the world of the newspaper was the big event.

Lightning! Continue reading

A queer joke and pet talks #MondayMusings


laughter (2)

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Hahahahha…came the loud sound of laughter from the living room. I was clueless as to what happened suddenly to the calm and composed silence in the house. The pitch of laughter just kept on increasing provoking me to leave everything I was doing in the other room to go and inquire about the joke and catch a few laughter rounds for myself too.

I went out and saw him sitting with the Atlas (as usual) and still laughing. Now, there couldn’t be a joke in the Atlas.

Me: What makes you laugh? Is there a joke that you have just read but there shouldn’t be any in the Atlas?   Continue reading

Gratitude for January 2018 #MondayMusings


January is coming to an end.

Doesn’t it seem like the time is moving forward rapidly? It is like second nature to us that we live for some event which will take place sometime in the future. We pin our happiness and heighten our hopes on that particular event and say and believe, “Oh, I just can’t wait for it to happen!” And then, that fateful day comes and passes off. What do we do next? We repeat the same thing all over again, pinning our happiness on some new event, waiting for that day to arrive soon and then…that day also passes off. It has become a vicious circle.

What do we miss out in this whole process? The focus on today, the focus on this very moment.

A lot is going to happen to me in 2018. Continue reading

Parenting conflict: Is it about me or is it not? #MondayMusings



It is not about me. It is about the situation.

It is not about me. It is about the situation.

As I laid out the greens, palak and methi, in front of me to begin sorting and cleaning, I repeated the above words in my mind. But, this chanting was not doing its work because the mind had made the situation to be all about me.  After a few minutes, this tussle between the 2 states of mind had given rise to a throbbing headache. In that moment, all kinds of thoughts began bombarding –

Why is raising a child so tough?

Why can’t I be enough to deal with all kind of situations effectively? Continue reading

Let’s say Hi! International Blog Delurking Week 2018

Let’s say Hi today!

Let me ask how do you do?

Let me tell you I am feeling good too.

Let me ask where you come from?

Let me ask if you are feeling warm?

Let me make it today just about you.

And, in a way, about me too.

Last week, Dhruv was down with viral fever. He missed school and was at home for most of the week. He passed his time sitting beside me while I blogged. One time that I was browsing through my blog’s stats page, he happened to discover many flags, flags denoting readers and visitors from different countries and his fascination knew no bounds. He is nose deep into reading world map & world atlas and knowing about different countries. Flags are one of his interest areas these days. He asked me if I knew all the people coming from these countries to read our (his and mine) stories on my blog to which my answer was, “I did not know who these visitors are except for the ones commenting.” I wondered how nice it would actually be to know these generous readers and to be able to thank them for making me happy by reading what I write and for making Dhruv happy during his sickness specifically that day.

A day or two later, I came to know from Parul Thakur’s blog about International Blog Delurking Week which is being celebrated on the internet from Jan 12 – Jan 18 this year. This means all you silent readers can take a moment to let your secret cloaks fall down, delurk a bit and say a Hello or a Hi to Dhruv and me in the comment section below. It would be great, just in case, you can tell us where do you come from (city, state or country to match with the flags) and to stretch this matter a little further, how do you feel about being here on my blog, my virtual home and what do you like to read most (in case you are a frequent visitor).

Nothing is a compulsion. Please do whatever is comfortable for you but do give me a chance to know you.

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Thank you 2017! #MondayMusings

Thank you 2017

I am a week late in writing my gratitude post for 2017 since Dhruv’s school reopened on Wednesday 3rd Jan after the Christmas holidays and I post my personal musings only on Mondays. There was no time during the holidays for blogging given our daily schedule of creative projects, playtime and outings.

It wasn’t going to be easy for me to write my post even today because he is down with viral fever for the last 2 days and I have not slept enough. Yet, here I am with my post not meaning to delay further in saying Thank you to 2017 for being a good year for me. The life lessons of 2016 laid down the strong foundation over which I built up my inner strength in 2017. Keeping the aches, pains and ailments aside, 2017 was a year of many positives and thus, I am grateful for it. Continue reading

Nostalgia comes in red #MondayMusings

Non-statutory warning – It is a lengthy post.

Nostalgia comes in RED (2)

It was summer of 69.

If only I could say that. I am all 60s in my outlook and orientation but unfortunately, I was not alive in 1969. I was born in the 1980s.

‘Summer of 69′ is the epitome of ultimate nostalgia. It has that kind of old world charm around it which a statement like – “It was July 2008” can never have and yet this is about July 2008.

The workforce in my office had returned from their summer vacation which meant that people like me who were not bound by the kids’ summer vacation (being childless) Continue reading

Our book reading rituals #MondayMusings

Boys and girls reading books illustration

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Dhruv and I have been reading together almost daily for the past 4 years. We never jump onto the first page of the story right away. I am not a ritualistic person. Yet, there are a few rituals I, or rather both of us, have incorporated into our daily reading.

  • Authors and Illustrators

The names of authors and illustrators are as important as the story in the book. Hence, first of all, we acknowledge them. This has helped us see the similar patterns in the illustrations of a particular illustrator. We can make out the differences in the pictures of Patrick Benson, Axel Scheffler, Emily Gravett, Rebecca Cobb and the likes of them. Continue reading