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13 Questions on books – A Book Lover’s Tag #MondayMusings


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Every morning, I wake up. Trust me I do.

Then, I sit down all by myself for 15 minutes in the living room letting my mind go on for a random wander. To tell you, each day it starts with taking into account the presence of books in the room; the colourful picture books, the dull thicker ones, the box sets, and all the others; and the first thought it creates is gratitude for the books in my life. I can’t imagine a life without books.

Thus, when Esha of Soul Talk tagged me last week to answer a few questions on books and reading, I knew it right away what was going to be the next post on Monday Musings.

Here are my answers to her questions – Read more…

Faded love for Kindle #MondayMusings


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I am going through a reading slump.

This is not usually the case with me. I am slow but a regular at reading which means I take a longer time to finish my books in the daily course of my routine life. Unless of course, if I drop down everything else and just read the whole day and this does not occur often. The last time it happened was in August

In September, I bought Kindle thinking this would bring a revolution in my life. I was happy that now I shall be able to read even with the lights switched off at night and for all other reasons, Kindle is favoured among avid readers. Beaming with excitement, I bought 3 books in a row. Read more…

Anna Hibiscus' Song


A few days ago, we read the book ‘Anna Hibiscus’ Song’. This is a story about a girl Anna Hibiscus who lives in amazing Africa. In the story, she is feeling very happy to the extent that she is exploding with happiness but she does not know what to do about it. So she goes and asks each of the family members what do they do when they are happy. She tries out doing all the things what others in her family do. Read more…

Reclaiming the lost era through picture books


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I am a book person and no place fascinates me more than a library and a bookstore. I picked up serious reading pretty late in life after completing my formal education. My school and college life was Read more…

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Animated Film

I discovered this short animation film based on the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

Learning with Mickey and friends

While the last post in the ‘Love for Books’ section was about a classic, this post is about a regular book, prescribed by the school for the parents to read to their children, aimed at specific learning.

Last week, Dhruv got a set of 5 books from his school. Out of these, he picked out one for our reading time. While this book is no classic but its characters are. It is about Mickey and his friends who are all little babies. The book has 2 stories. Read more…

Everyone Loves Reading – Just find the right book

Random thoughts


Stumbling over books is less painful than Lego, though much more blasphemous. That is usually what my life gets reduced to on library clean­‐up days, during vacations. In the morning, the two boys would report to duty, and be given a minute long lecture on their responsibilities, and how I, the overworked mother, slogs to keep the place clean. Two nodding heads scurry across the house collecting stray books that magically find their way under the sofa, on the dining table, and in all sorts of drawers hiding between toys, socks and worse. I sigh, watching them run about, as I quietly slip out to do my round of grocery shopping, haggling with the vendor or, sometimes, a cup of solitary coffee just for sanity’s sake.

Every time I step back in, fantasising about neat bookshelf with books lined up in some comprehensible fashion, I trip and fall. In front…

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Trains, Trains, Trains!!!

I have been reasoning with myself for the last 3 days as to what makes an avid reader in a person. If you’re an avid reader, it means you read as much as you can, whenever you can. Does that mean an avid reader would read up everything of whatever genres he comes across or would he be sticking to a particular interest area only.

I have also been pondering over the thought whether Dhruv has begun to fall into the category of an avid reader thanks to his interest in trains. Is this the reason why he does not want to limit himself to the beautifully illustrated story books only and would find his calling even in reading an activity book about Virgin Trains which we had received as a part of a kit in the train while travelling to London meant for keeping the little ones busy drawing, colouring and playing games over the duration of the travel. Read more…

Rotten & Rascal


The story starts with these lines –

65 million years ago this world was a deafening place

There were thunderstorms

There were volcanoes

There were landslides

And there were earthquakes

These opening lines did not create any interest or curiosity in Dhruv . It was difficult for me to explain the concept of time as in millions of years ago Read more…

Books, Reading and a Memoir


I have talked about in my blog post 2 Generations and love for reading that Dhruv has developed interest in books or to say he loves books and more so he loves me read over the books to him. We have the daily ritual of reading atleast 2 books at bedtime. Somedays it happens when either or both of us are terribly tired Read more…

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