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Beginning October with gratitude #MondayMusings

How was your September?


MIne was full of struggles with my mental health. What began at the end of July with perpetual exhaustion got converted into a constant feeling of being lost and disconnect with the world and also with myself throughout the month of August. Contrary to my efforts of getting back on track, September saw me amidst the throes of depression whereby I spent my days crying or lying in bed or both. It could have got worst if I didn’t have my virtual friends to confide in. Today, with the beginning of the new month of October, I can see I have loads to feel grateful about. Read more…

Gratitude list May 2018 #MondayMusings

“How do you write a gratitude post when you are feeling low?” is the question on my mind today. It actually wasn’t going to get done if I had not kept a daily gratitude journal.

On 25th April, I started the practice of writing daily in my gratitude journal. I missed a day here and there in between during the month of May but as soon as I got back I made sure I had something to write down for the missed day/s.WaterMark_2018-06-04-12-40-43.jpg

Therefore, despite me not feeling too good about the state of certain affairs these days, I am still able to share my gratitude list with you. Read more…

Gratitude for January 2018 #MondayMusings


January is coming to an end.

Doesn’t it seem like the time is moving forward rapidly? It is like second nature to us that we live for some event which will take place sometime in the future. We pin our happiness and heighten our hopes on that particular event and say and believe, “Oh, I just can’t wait for it to happen!” And then, that fateful day comes and passes off. What do we do next? We repeat the same thing all over again, pinning our happiness on some new event, waiting for that day to arrive soon and then…that day also passes off. It has become a vicious circle.

What do we miss out in this whole process? The focus on today, the focus on this very moment.

A lot is going to happen to me in 2018. Read more…

Thank you 2017! #MondayMusings

Thank you 2017

I am a week late in writing my gratitude post for 2017 since Dhruv’s school reopened on Wednesday 3rd Jan after the Christmas holidays and I post my personal musings only on Mondays. There was no time during the holidays for blogging given our daily schedule of creative projects, playtime and outings.

It wasn’t going to be easy for me to write my post even today because he is down with viral fever for the last 2 days and I have not slept enough. Yet, here I am with my post not meaning to delay further in saying Thank you to 2017 for being a good year for me. The life lessons of 2016 laid down the strong foundation over which I built up my inner strength in 2017. Keeping the aches, pains and ailments aside, 2017 was a year of many positives and thus, I am grateful for it. Read more…

13 Questions on books – A Book Lover’s Tag #MondayMusings


Image Source – Pixabay

Every morning, I wake up. Trust me I do.

Then, I sit down all by myself for 15 minutes in the living room letting my mind go on for a random wander. To tell you, each day it starts with taking into account the presence of books in the room; the colourful picture books, the dull thicker ones, the box sets, and all the others; and the first thought it creates is gratitude for the books in my life. I can’t imagine a life without books.

Thus, when Esha of Soul Talk tagged me last week to answer a few questions on books and reading, I knew it right away what was going to be the next post on Monday Musings.

Here are my answers to her questions – Read more…

Blogging and Life Lessons 2016

There are some posts which don’t let one sleep because they compel to get themselves framed in words demanding a pencil, a diary and a computer finally. This is one such post which whispered to me I cannot proceed further in 2017 without giving due credit to the year which ended 24 hours ago.

2016 was a good enough year for me. The biggest blessing of 2016 was that it endowed me with realisation of the immense inner strength I have. The spirit which was once broken is now a spirit of steel. 2016 saw me completely healed of the hurt I had been carrying on for several years. It saw my relationships strengthening  even with those who were partially responsible for the hurt and pain I endured. Read more…

Flavours of Christmas #UnwrapChristmas


Image courtesy : Quotes Gram

A few bloggers got together for a Secret Santa Project called #UnwrapChristmas – it is our attempt at spreading the cheer by being the Santa ourselves and sending gifts to a blogger secretly and to receive the gifts from our own Secret Santa  Needless to say, it has been a lot of fun – giving while taking care of the secrecy and receiving with an open heart.

Today, every half an hour a blogger will be publishing his/her #UnwrapChristams post writing about the meaning of Christmas. We will be linking our posts throughout the day.

I am thankful to Ankita Shukla for passing on to me the baton to unwrap my idea of Christmas. Read more…

Kindness knows no value #FridayReflections

I am joining Friday Reflections with a quick post on the prompt ‘Random act of kindness I have experienced’.

Write Tribe

I had, earlier, written about this particular incident in the comment section on Corinne’s blog and I thought it will be worth dedicating a post to that incident.

It was 13 March, 2013 and I along with Dhruv had landed at Manchester Airport. After clearing the immigration checks, we reached the baggage claim counter. For getting a trolley, one pound coin was needed to be inserted into a machine after which a trolley used to get ejected.  Read more…

Gratitude Post – Dec 2015

2015 is gone. 2016 has started.

2015 has been the best year of my life, I can confidently conclude. During this year I discovered how putting gratitude in written words brought about a tremendous change in my life. It heightened the awareness and strengthened my belief in the goodness. Read more…

My gratitude for the darker days of life

These days, often, I have been left contemplating about my hardships as a mother and a parent. The journey, when it started surely was very hard but why does it not look like that anymore? Why am I not able to differentiate between parenting and life anymore? Why do I feel a little hesitant, these days, to categorize and tag my posts under the heading of parenting or motherhood? Is it because Read more…

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