Goodbye and Miss you alot

Today I feel a little restless. I am having trouble to keep my mind in focus. 2 days back I was distracted since I had been dreaming of going back to my parents thinking of happier times to come. But today when just 2 more days are left for our flight to take off, I am finding it a bit difficult to say goodbye.

I would miss the long walks Dhruv and I used to take by the river side watching the ducks and swans.


The river side walk

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The bespectacled mother is distracted these days. She is packing bags and winding up to return to her home country. She has been dreaming night and day about the time she will be spending with her parents and family and becoming a kid herself. As a result, the parenting and the motherhood issues have got pushed to the back-burner. The mind is too occupied to recognize and weave the mom stories. 

Hopefully, she will be back from this scatter-brained phase soon. 


5 Things Your Mom Didn't Tell You About Book Blogging

101 Books

Sure, you’ve already got a great book blog. Your mom loves it. In fact, your book blog is so good that more people than your mom and brother read it.

That’s step one to blog success—more than just family members!

But how does your book blog stand out in the middle of all the thousands of book blogs on the intertubes?

Well, I don’t claim to be an expert or anything, but I have been blogging about books for nearly 4 years, and here’s what’s worked for me.  These, of course, are in addition to these blogging tips I gave a few years ago. All those tips still hold true as well.

So here are a few of my thoughts that, just maybe, your mom didn’t tell you:

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Knock Knock : Is anybody there?

My second blog post ‘First Attempt : Doomed‘ which, according to me, is my best piece of writing work till now and the reason why I got the courage to start my blog. Within 5 minutes of my pressing the publish button on 12th Feb  I got 2 mails in my inbox that there have been 2 random wordpress bloggers who have shown their liking for the post and being generous enough to click upon the like button. Continue Reading!