Back after a hiatus #MondayMusings

I am back.

I am back after a hiatus of 3 weeks.

Taking a Blogging Break

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Why did I take a break?

Learning SEO concepts and blog monetization – 

I realised I was not getting any time previously from my blogging and daily schedule to devote to new learnings and it had also become exhausting. I have huge respect for those who never skip a day of blogging or remain fairly regular (or maybe they do but nobody notices) because I cannot. I need a break after every 2-3 months to take a pause to check upon my anchor’s displacement Continue reading

Anything but books tag #MondayMusings


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A month ago, Shantala of Shanaya Tales tagged me to take up this ‘About Me’ post where I have to talk about myself but without mentioning books. In my capacity as a blogger, I must have published numerous posts talking about myself. This is actually what I do consistently every Monday with my Monday Musings post. For this reason, I have started declining award nominations where I am required to answer questions about myself because there is nothing more to write. I am, just, out there.

Now, what prompted me to take up Shantala’s tag?

One, I have to be creative to carve out my life without touching the bookish part. Not easy, especially since when the life in questions revolves around books.  Continue reading

21 Random Facts about me #FridayReflections

I love to talk about myself.

I love this little place, my blog, where I can talk or rather write about myself incessantly without bothering if it is going to be a turn off to people. In real life, I have to remind myself to take a breather and let others also do their talking and to give them a chance to tell their stories because if I don’t then I tend to get carried away.

Yesterday I came across Esha’s post on 21 Random Facts about me and I thought, ‘Well, here is another chance to delve and brood and sink and fish out facts about me.’ Continue reading

The keychain #CBF16

I came across Cherished Blogfest last year in 2015 where bloggers shared stories about one of their cherished object. Honestly speaking, I gave it a sincere thought then however I couldn’t come to think of any object which I valued more than anything. Having always considered objects easily dispensable and replaceable, nothing came close to my heart – no object, no photograph, no heir loom. Standalone memories, yes, lots of them but no object in particular.

The cherished blogfest makes a comeback this year once again putting my brain’s machinery to work. And, this time, I do have an object. This object is a key chain Continue reading

A-to-Z of me #WritingWednesdays

I came across this interesting theme A-to-Z of me on Shalini’s and Geetika’s blogs. It involves stating 26 random facts about me and I thought of taking it up. Thus, here I go.


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A- Age: 35

B- Biggest fear: Somebody stamping the word ‘sanskaar’ into my face. This word is generally stamped to despise or negate other’s behaviours and actions.

C- Current time: 9:51 am.

D- Drink you last had: A cup of adrak wali chai (ginger tea).

E- Every day starts with: Waking up at 5 am. Sitting by myself in the quiet for half an hour with a cup of hot water mixed with lime juice and honey.

F- Favourite Song: This is not an easy one for me since I do not follow latest trending music. I am kind of forever trapped in the hindi movie songs of the 60s era .One which comes to my mind right now is ‘Kuch dil ne kaha, kuch bhi to nahin‘ from the movie Anupama.

G- Ghosts, are they real?: Yes. Let’s just not think about them.

H- Hometown: By the virtue of owning a house, Delhi.

By heart, I have changed cities every 9 years so there is no town which I can call home.

I- In love with:  My son, silence, blogging and yoga.

J- Jealous of:  People who have so much on their platter and yet they manage them all with a smile and an open heart.

K- Killed someone: Not anyone in the last couple of years. Previously the casualty used to be my husband (only in my mind though). I am stereotypical this way.

L- Last time you cried: I cried profusely in June last year. The crying continued for most part of the month and then I decided no more tears now. What was the matter? Don’t ask me.

M- Middle name: None

N- Number of siblings: 1.

O- One wish: I have many wishes. For now the wish is to get a professionally done self-hosted blog absolutely free of cost.

P- Person you last called: That person is always my mother. I just now realised hers is the only number I dial.

Q- Question you’re always asked: Only one kid?

R- Reason to smile: My son’s chatter, getting enough silence in the day to keep my batteries charged, having fabulous and lots of books to read,  interacting with wonderful people virtually, knowing quite a few like-minded people which proves I am not an alien anymore.

S- Sounds that annoy you: I used to like the sound of azaan from a nearby mosque at various times of the day. It served as a reminder to take a pause and think of divinity. But for the past few days it seems there is another mosque which has come up in the vicinity and the sounds of the 2 loudspeakers and mixed up prayers is not soothing at all.

T- Time you woke up: 5 am

V- Vacation destination: Favourite so far is Lake District, Cumbria in North west England. Wish list is Lucerne, Switzerland.

W- Worst habit: I am too much laid back.

X- X-Rays you’ve had: My heels.

Y- Your favourite food: Sandwiches. Easy to make, tasty to eat.

Z- Zodiac sign: Gemini. Yes I have 2 faces.

Wasn’t it fun? Would you like to take this on?

If you do, please share with me and leave in the comments box below.

Fear of helplessness

I have always had a pretty sheltered life. First it was for my parents who gave me a protective atmosphere at home. Then it was for my in-laws whom I trusted to be my defence from any external pricking and blows. And in situations where they were not able to keep up, husband became my shield. I lived in such a fortress that very little problems could penetrate deep enough to reach me. I had just 2 responsibilities – to respect my elders at home and to focus on my work at the workplace. Continue reading

Memo to my Boss (Biting is unprofessional)

A brilliant post. Do read this if you want to get yourself into bouts of laughter.

Big Trouble in Little Nappies

letter to babyDear Sir,

I am writing this somewhat reluctantly, but after verbal attempts to negotiate broke down without resolution, I am left with little choice. I have been in your employment for over 18 months now, and whilst I enjoy my post immensely, a few changes to my contract are required in order for me to attain some work / life balance.

I wouldn’t usually take a formal approach to this kind of thing, but it can be tricky to hold a sensible conversation with you. You regularly laugh in my face when I am trying to express my dissatisfaction with something you have done, and I find your interruptions – usually involving a request to sing or provide food – rather rude when I am in the middle of making an important point.

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Everyone Loves Reading – Just find the right book

Random thoughts


Stumbling over books is less painful than Lego, though much more blasphemous. That is usually what my life gets reduced to on library clean­‐up days, during vacations. In the morning, the two boys would report to duty, and be given a minute long lecture on their responsibilities, and how I, the overworked mother, slogs to keep the place clean. Two nodding heads scurry across the house collecting stray books that magically find their way under the sofa, on the dining table, and in all sorts of drawers hiding between toys, socks and worse. I sigh, watching them run about, as I quietly slip out to do my round of grocery shopping, haggling with the vendor or, sometimes, a cup of solitary coffee just for sanity’s sake.

Every time I step back in, fantasising about neat bookshelf with books lined up in some comprehensible fashion, I trip and fall. In front…

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My word for the year 2015…..

When Dhruv was less than 1 yr old , he (just like any other baby) frequently fell sick. I used to stress out alot because I was not able to tend to him as I could not take frequent leaves from my work place. With his every bout of sickness I imagined like it is the end of the world and this would push me into the vicious circle of negativity. Continue reading