Once upon a time… #Soulful Sunday

Once upon a time…

I used to write decently.

Once upon a time…

I dreamed of becoming a published author.

Once upon a time…

The books I wanted to write were a children’s book and a memoir.

Once upon a time…

Blogging was an important part of my life.

Once upon a time…

Writing was therapeutic for me.

Once upon a time…

I had no qualms about giving people a close peek into my life.

Once upon a time…

Dhruv was a much younger kid who had a lot to say to me and a lot of questions to ask me. And, I was okay writing about him.

Once upon a time…

My life revolved around Dhruv, writing and blogging.

Then, time changed and life went on a reset. Things which mattered once upon a time do not hold the same value now.

Today evening, as I was deep into crochet work, the mind threw up the thought – The time of the Bespectacled Mother in over. It is time to consider shutting down the 7-year old blog for good and shift the focus to crocheting completely.

I am ready to give this thought a consideration.

I am joining EshaVinitha and Shilpa this week for Soulful Sunday.

Soulful Sunday


  1. You got to listen to your mind, don’t you! I have mixed feelings about your thought, Anamika. This blog connected the two of us 7 years ago. This blog is relevant in my life. So I don’t want The Bespectacled Mother to disappear from the blogging world. But, I can see how important crochet has become for you. I love your crochet pieces. It’s wonderful that you found your passion. It’s nice to see you going ahead in that path slowly but steadily, Anamika. May you find more joy and peace in crocheting. 🧡🧡

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  2. Oh no! I’d hate to see this blog go! It is so YOU, Anamika and even if you write occasionally, it does give you room to reach out to the world and share your thoughts, emotions and life experiences. I agree that we all outgrow things in our life but, perhaps, you might still consider keeping the blog for a little longer to reflect and pause on it. Do give it a serious thought, Anamika. To me, this is a special place where I find so many interesting things every single time I visit the blog. My request: do think about shutting it down for good.
    Regarding the crochet journey, well, I wish you every luck and happiness with it. It’s wonderful to know that Crocheting found you at a time when you needed it the most. Every journey we take is amazing, Anamika. I’m sure you’ll discover more wonderful things in life through Crocheting.
    Cheers to new beginnings!!!


  3. This year, I bid goodbye to quite a few things- online as well as offline. I agree that we all outgrow things, people, too. So, if this is what you wish in your heart, then do it. If you no longer find happiness in blogging, then I would suggest you shut down this blog, but only after saving all your posts so that you can visit those posts some years later while reflecting on Dhruv’s childhood and your days of blogging.
    I understand how much joy you get from crocheting. So, go ahead and enjoy it with all your heart.
    Ultimately, one must do only what one wishes to, without worrying about other’s opinions. :p
    Aur issi ke saath, humara gyaan bhara lecture samapt hua. Namashkar! ;D


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  5. You are a fab writer and this once-a-time hooks showing your mark, Anamika. Don’t close the blog and take a break if you will!


  6. Oh but you can share all your wonderful crochet work in this space. I can understand that with time our likes and dislikes change, we grow and learn and find different things to do. I am glad I was able to connect with you through this blog. 🙂

    Btw, this year I myself have merged my other two blogs into my current one. I no longer update those blogs and am thinking of closing them.


  7. I hear you, Anamika. As much as I’d want you around for selfish reasons, I would urge you to follow your heart and do what gives you joy. So glad we’re connected in other ways. Hugs!


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