6 things which give me joy #SoulfulSunday

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a list of 6 things which give me joy in response to a tag on Twitter.

Here is the list –

  1. Quiet early mornings. I am an early riser contrary to the rest of my family and I consider this as a blessing for me. The first thing I do is open the balcony door wide open to let in the chilly breeze. I love the morning chill. I love sitting in this chill with my cup of warm water infused with the Moringa Tulsi tea or the Avaram floral tea or half-a-lemon squeezed in along with honey. Different days, different moods, different infusions.
  2. Adrak wali chai. It has been years since I arrived at the perfect procedure and precision with which I prepare my adrak wali chai, yes to perfection. I am average at cooking meals but it is an altogether different thing when it comes to my chai. It is not just a mere chai but amrit ka pyaala for me.
  3. Crochet. Crochet is neither activity nor a hobby nor a potential entrepreneurial opportunity for me. It is actually soul food for me. I am forever grateful for that day (17-June-2019) when my spirit guided me to pick up the magazine about crochet at the book shop while I was looking for an adult colouring book and none of the ones available there impressed me. I will place this event right among the top 3 magical things that have happened in my life.
  4. Listening to Hindi golden melodies. I love the new songs too – the slow ones as well as the ones with beats with meaningful lyrics. Meaningful lyrics are important criteria. Until a few years ago… No there is a correction. Until last year, mid-2020, I was not in a good place and it showed in my choice of songs which were more of the dull and sad kinds. Then circumstances brightened up for me and it began showing in my song selections too which lightened up and brightened up as well. Do you know I have a huge song bank (of Hindi movie songs) in my head causing the songs to just keep tumbling out? Do you know my close friends call me Vividh Bharti, the radio service from the erstwhile times?
  5. Instagram. It is my favourite social media platform and the only one where I am active. I have never cared about the followers count or the number of likes or comments. I am there just for the fun, to share my idiosyncrasies and the pictures of my crochet work. I have found new authentic connections through this channel and this is what I cherish most in life.
  6. Sunset watching. I also love watching the sunrises, the moon, the clouds, and the stars. Did I leave out anything related to the sky?

I have a realisation today which evaded me at the time I shared my list on Twitter. My joy has really got nothing to do with these 6 and more things. The fact that I bring myself as a whole and get immersed in all the above situations is the main reason why I feel joyous.

What do you say?

I am joining EshaVinitha and Shilpa this week for Soulful Sunday.

Soulful Sunday


  1. I am also an early riser so I can relate to how you feel about those chilly, quiet early mornings when the world is asleep and we have our time and space wholly for US!
    My art is my soul food like your crochet is to you. And the songs, the sky, and for me, my coffee make me happy.
    I liked this idea of doing a post on that twitter tag and this is what I wish to write next time: My list of …..things that make me happy.

    Thanks for this brilliant idea, Anamika! Oh, I mean, Ms. Vividh Bharati! ;P ❤

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  2. “My joy has really got nothing to do with these 6 and more things. The fact that I bring myself as a whole and get immersed in all the above situations is the main reason why I feel joyous.”
    What a discovery! Why does a certain thing or activity make us happy? When we find the answer to that question life becomes a whole lot easier.
    This was a lovely post, Anamika. 💗

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  3. Loved each one of your reasons, Anamika! My favourite ones from the list are 1, 2, 4 and 6. So glad that you found Crochet in your life at a time when things were not looking up. You know, somehow, I feel it’s the sum of all these small things that add up to freeing our soul and making us happy. The concluding lines of your post are revelatory. I think being on a reflective mood brings us new learnings most of the time. I’ve never thought of it this way, but perhaps it works the same for all of us too.


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