Finding Family in a Far-Away Land: An Adoption Story by Amanda Wall #BookReview

Book Details:

Book Title:  Finding Family in a Far-Away Land: An Adoption Story by Amanda Wall
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 4-10),  44 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Adoption
Publisher:  BookBaby
Release date:   March 29, 2021
Format available for review:  print-softback (internationally), pdf
Tour dates: June 21 to July 16 2021
Content Rating:  G for everyone.

Book Description:

Every adoption experience is uniquely different but the yearning to have unconditional family love is universal. Two Indian sisters, Priya and Ari, experience what it’s like to be adopted into a multi-cultural, interracial family. Walk alongside these two charming, dynamic girls as they journey through the adoption transition to a new country full of new experiences!

“Finding Family in a Far-Away Land” is a pensive and sometimes comical book that demonstrates how children can experience the same journey quite differently. A glossary of cultural terms is included so that all can learn and enjoy what Ari and Priya cherish about their Indian roots. This story is meant to be a resource to those hoping to learn about one family’s adoption experience― and may even help a child process their own adoption story. The intended audience for this book is children ages 4-10.

My Review:

Finding family in a far-away land is a story of hope and kindness. Priya and Ari living in appalling conditions after their parents pass away find themselves taken by an orphanage where they are treated kindly by ‘Aunties’ as the sisters call them. The sisters’ destiny changes when they get adopted by an American family (the author herself) and move to the United States. I wonder what made the author and her family decide to adopt 2 orphan siblings from the state of Telangana, India?

While the American (and other) readers get a glimpse of the life of Priya and Ari in India – their Indian way of living, the food, the type of clothes they wear, the festivals they celebrate and other aspects, the Indian reader in me who is familiar with all this to a major extent gets to know how Priya and Ari adjust to the American way of life especially coming from extremely disadvantaged circumstances.

It was fun to read about the first day of the sisters in their new home where they come face to face with the family’s pet dog. This leads to confusion in the minds of the sisters because they had only seen stray dogs roaming around aimlessly on the streets in India and they knew nobody who keeps them as pets. There are also other instances which they find peculiar in the process of settling down. The siblings’ settling down in the USA was not all pleasant and dream-like since they had to undergo medical treatments owing to their poor health conditions.

The book gives a clear message that the cultures of both countries may be distinct from each other but the universal language of love in families is the same at both places or anywhere in the world for that matter.

The glossary of Indian cultural terms at the end of the book proves to be helpful to the English-speaking readers who may wish to understand a little more about India.

What I love about this book is the voice of the narrator is not that of an adult or the adopting parents but it is Priya who narrates her and Ari’s story through her perspective. Looking at the world from the eyes of the children does make an impression. The Indian connection of this story makes this book close to my heart although I do not belong to South India (Telangana is a state in South India).

I thank the author, Amanda Wall, for changing the lives of the 2 sisters, Priya and Ari, and, for writing this book bringing the sisters’ story to the world.

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Meet the Author:

Amanda is a mother of four with a heart towards adoption. She lives in Colorado with her family but loves to travel and connect with others through their culture. Educating families on adoption is a passion for Amanda because the adoptees’ voice is often unheard.

connect with the author: website ~ instagram ~ goodreads

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This book review is a part of the Book Tour organized by iRead Book Tours.

I received a pdf copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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