Crochet is the colour therapy #SoulfulSunday

Last week I hit the wall.

It was not the case of an accident.

It was the part of the process which is intuitive crocheting.

I am not sure if there is even a word like intuitive crocheting. Yet, for someone like me who is less experienced and takes up a project without any reference to a magazine article or a blog or a YouTube video, intuition is the guidance. This is how I have been making my baskets for personal storage. This is how I have been progressing with the multi-colour granny square blanket for a friend’s order.

Last year, I crocheted a similar blanket. At that time, I did not have a plan at all. The intention was to sew the granny squares, which I had crocheted in plenty for practice, together. I had no idea of how big it was going to be. I just went with the flow until the time I reached the brink of my patience level. At the end, I had a blanket good for Dhruv’s size, thankfully.

This time, I had the direction from the friend. She wanted the exact replica of my first blanket customized to the size of her preference.

With the clear specification of the desired size, I did my calculation to arrive at the optimum number of squares for the length and breadth. The total number of squares to be crocheted was 345 of 10 cm each. This number is way more than the 126 squares I sewed together last year. It increased my excitement. I chalked out a plan with aplomb – 345 squares in 15 colour shades with a 16th colour for the border.

As I progressed with procuring a brand of yarn in 6 colours followed my 3 more later and working with them, I began thinking about the impact of too many colours on the mind. Will 15 colours be too many? Will they have an adverse effect on the friend’s mind when she uses it? Which colour should go into the border? The one I was planning to use as border turned out to shiny and sparkly. It was just one square with that gaudy border and I didn’t feel good myself looking at it. I realised I was going nowhere. Thus I hit the wall with this. I turned to my intuition for answers. This meant putting aside everything for the time being and waiting.

This week, for one whole day, I was dealing with an anxious emotion totally unrealated to the above dilemma. I tried practicing bringing my mind to the present moment every now and then but it was adamantly riding the wild horses. I tried walking it out going in circles around the apartment complex 5 times. Lastly, I pulled out a chair in the balcony to watch the sunset with a cup of green tea in hand. It was breezy and pleasant. I counselled the mind for a full half an hour. It felt better and then it rewarded me the answer to my yarn dilemma. The answer was stored in one of the shelves in the wardrobe in perfect colour and quantity to do the compatibility testing with the yarn I had been using all along. The testing gave me desired results clearing up the forward path. The square borders look soothing at present. This blanket will not turn up as an exact replica of the first one I made. It will turn out into a unique piece, that is for sure.

In this whole event, I realised I am not just crocheting. I am actually indulging in colour therapy. It was the colour therapy which helped in bringing me out of my depressionary phase when I took to colouring mandala patterns in adult colouring books and later when crochet showed up to my spirit. While I was writing the rough draft of this post in my diary this morning, I got the idea of exploring colour therapy in detail. Maybe, once the pandemic gets over, when everyone starts going out about their businesses, when my days will mean more than moving from preparing one meal to another, when I will feel a lot less burdened with the mundane doing part, maybe then one day something good will come out of the colour therapy knowledge and practice.

I am joining EshaVinitha and Shilpa this week for Soulful Sunday.

Soulful Sunday


  1. I am super proud of you, Anamika! Of your persistence to keep at it when you felt you “hit the wall”! That’s how we evolve, Anamika. Life is all about trying to meander and make our way out of these stumbling blocks that come every now and then to stop us in our path. I can see how you are able to visualise so much more now, and I can bet that the colour therapy is working very effectively to give you full creative reign over your mind and heart. It must be such a unique experience to be taking up “intuitive crocheting” and letting it take a shape that will be unique. There is a certain beauty in that uncertainty but I am hundred per cent certain that when it is finally done, it will be absolutely breathtaking! And it will be unique, like any work of art is. Your creativity is shining through and your focus and determination to keep at it are making me feel so proud of you, Anamika.

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  2. 345 squares!!! Goodness, do have PATIENCE, girl! Main toh number padhkar hi thakk gayi!
    Colours do have an effect on our mind. I don’t use many colours in my artwork, so for me, my patterns soothe my nerves. I haven’t given much thought to colour therapy, even in the clothes i choose to wear. I wonder why!
    You know, A, you have come a long way, and for that I am so glad for you, so proud of you! ❤
    I am sure your blanket will turn out wonderful, now that you have the colours figured out. Wish you the best!

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  3. This is absolutely beautiful Anamika and admires your creativity empowering the mind, like you said helping to battle everything out in investing energy in this beautiful art form. Intuitive crocheting is wow. I have another friend in Pune doing crocheting and would love connecting you to Pradita.


  4. Wow, Anamika. I loved how you started with a problem and found the answer to it through your intuition. Reading this makes me reaffirm my belief that we carry all the tools, resources, and answers to move forward. All we need is to pause and let the mind speak. Thank you, Anamika, for showing me the path. I haven’t been journaling much these days. I need to make sure that I do spend quality time with my journal, that’s how I let my mind speak.
    The more you speak about crocheting, I am curious to try it out myself. But at this moment there is no space for anything else in my life. Maybe, when I come to your house you can teach me. 😀
    Color therapy sounds nice. I can imagine you playing with all colors of granny squares! You think it’s time to call them ‘Anamika squares’ instead of granny squares? Sounds appropriate as you are shooting squares out of your fingertips, right? 😀


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