Reflection of a 40-year-old self #SoulfulSunday

How do you deal with negative people in your life?” she asked me this question once again.

Probably, she was dissatisfied with the answer I gave her the last time she asked me.

I reiterated just like the previous time, “I do not have negative people in my life. The ones I had, I moved them outside my boundary of peace. Now I only have truly positive and supportive people around me.” This is the ultimate truth and such a truth does not change even when the enquiry takes place a 1000 times.

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Setting my boundary is a choice I exercise everyday. This has not happened on its own or easily. It has been a work-in-progress for the last 6 years. 6 years later, at present, I am in a good place. I do not have a single person within my circle who I do not want to be there. I have been brutal in my silence and honesty. Initally, the people – those who negatively affected me – complained I do not call them or I do not take their calls. Once I decided I wanted them out, I stopped caring. I knew the complaining voices will die down on their own after a while. And, they did. If they talked ill about me behind my back, it was their prerogative. If they alloted me a plot in their mind, I let them free to, as well, build a house for me on that plot. I held myself under no obligation to return them the favour. I was in the process of building a peaceful life for me.

I love the friends and family who I have kept close and at the same time I am detached from all of them. I even have a boundary with my own people to allow me to step into my solitude or my shell depending upon my emotional need. The wonderful people who I have now give me the right space without any judgement or encroachment.

I am living a peaceful life. I am free to create my life just the way I want to.

I celebrated my 40th birthday this week. I have come a long way from the tumultuous early 30s. Turning 40 is the best feeling. I am at my happiest self.

The pandemic and its challenges ar still prevalent. Somedays, hopelessness makes the complete ruling. The stress of the never-ending household chores gets to me. The urge to create in the form of crocheting, reading and writing and the inability to find time and energy to do the same as much as I want to leads to irritation and frustration. Yet, I know since this is coming from inside me, I have the absolute power to change my mental state. Overall, I am happy and hopeful for the future. How can I not be when there is magic in my life and my heart has opened up to receive unconditional love without the slightest fear of getting hurt.

I am joining EshaVinitha and Shilpa this week for Soulful Sunday.

Soulful Sunday


  1. I am so happy for you, Anamika! And, proud of you, too, for the courage you have built up to keep negativity at bay. It does require a lot of guts to keep people out of our life if their negativity affects us so. Usually, to keep others happy, we allow everyone to walk all over us, and suffer badly as a result. So, kudos to you for giving yourself and your happiness the importance it deserves. May your 40s be full of happiness and positivity.

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  2. I love the positivity in this post, Anamika. Setting boundaries isn’t easy. And you achieved that. You know how to say no or stop unwanted people from pestering you. That’s a huge accomplishment. We need only a handful of people who know the really and be there for us. Right? I’m glad you found peace and happiness, Anamika. 💖💖

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  3. I absolutely love you for writing this (and otherwise). Like I mentioned on Twitter, I gave it to Jose to read and he said that you are wise beyond your years. It took me a lot longer to get to the place you are at. Funny, just this morning a doubt about cutting myself off from people like this came up during my Morning Pages and a short while later, I read this post from you. Your magic is working!
    Sorry I missed your birthday. Hugs.

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