Mia And The Hummingbird by Nancy Carlisle #BookReview #GuestPost

Book Details:

Book Title:  MIA AND THE HUMMINGBIRD by Nancy Carlisle
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  34 pages
Genre:  Juvenile fiction/social themes or animals/birds
Publisher:  Sage Green Press
Release date:   March, 2021
Format available for review:  print-softback (USA and Canada), pdf
Tour dates: June 14 to June 25, 2021
Content Rating:  G. There is nothing that even comes close to PG.

Book Description:

Mia and the Hummingbird is the story of a young girl who immigrates to a new country and learns to accept a new life. She sees the hummingbird building her nest for her babies and thinks that she and the bird are similar as they learn to adapt to their new homes. Mia and the Hummingbird includes information about environmental and social reasons for immigration, the struggle to adapt to a new home and information about hummingbirds. Included is a glossary about these issues, a bibliography, and references.

My Review:

Mia and the Hummingbird is a book about grit, determination and resilience.

Mia, a school-going girl from the Carribean, is forced to migrate to the United States of America when her home gets ravaged by a powerful hurricane. It is not easy for her to settle in a new school in a new country as she doesn’t know the English language. Yet, she is determined to make her place.

The hummingbird is the tiniest bird in the world. She puts in a great effort and time in collecting things to make her small little nest. In the story, just when the little bird settles into the comfort of her newly built nest, a fierce rainstorm breaks the branch with the nest and the nest gets blown away by the wind. The hummingbird sets out to build her nest once again.

There are a lot of facts given about the hummingbird throughout the book making this book a combination of fact and fiction also making it educational for the young readers.

This book touches upon the topic of Climate Refugees, the people who flee their homes in the wake of natural disasters or other factors related to the climate change in order to move to another better place or country. Climate change is real. This story of Mia presents an opportunity to the parents, teachers or primary carers to discuss this with the young minds and increase their awareness.

My favourite lines from the book under the heading Socail Justice is – When you meet kids from other places, help them learn their new culture. They might be quiet at first but give them a chance, and you’ll learn a lot about parts of the world that may be unfamiliar to you and, maybe you’ll make a new and interesting friend. It is important to teach our children the value of kindness and compassion in this way.

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Author Nancy Carlisle

Meet the Author:

Nancy Carlisle is an author, illustrator and retired architect and manager. She writes hopeful books for kids that interweave facts and fiction about the environment and global responsibility.

During her 38 year career, as an architect and researcher, her focus was on the environment. She led work nationally and internationally on sustainable and energy efficient buildings and communities and won awards for collaboratively designing award-winning sustainable buildings, a laboratory campus, and as part of a team to develop a program to improve the energy efficiency of laboratories in the U.S.

Here is a guest post by the author

Five things that I have learned while studying French, conversing with people who speak multiple languages  and\or teaching others to speak English.

  1. Learning a new language as an adult is hard but I enjoy doing it and meeting other adults who are just as determined as me to learn.  Many of them have interesting backgrounds, some have lived in another country, others are from a different country or have a family member who is non-English speaking. I find speaking is much harder than reading. I’ve met many students learning English, who speak a language such as Arabic with a completely different alphabet. I really admire their persistence and determination.
  2. Only about 20% of Americans are fluent in 2 or more languages. When I was working in Saudi Arabia, many people that I met spoke 3 languages and there might be 3 conversations going on at one lunch table in 3 different languages. These people could only speak with me only in English and were incredibly kind to translate to include me in the conversation, but it made me feel a bit embarrassed because I could only speak one language. I was impressed with their ability to communicate so easily in multiple languages.
  3. Food is a great way to communicate when the language is challenging. When I taught English as a volunteer teacher, one day all the students made food from their home country and brought in dishes from Middle Eastern, Latin American, and African countries. The food was shared with pride, and I felt like I learned a little something from each person just by seeing their enthusiasm to share a bit of their culture and food.
  4. Many expressions, and proverbs, translate well from English to French and vice versa, some do not.  I found the French proverb that I used in the Foreword to Mia and the Hummingbird, “Little by Little, the bird builds it’s nest” to be such a compelling way to describe persistence.
  5. Culture is embodied in language. I think it is important to understand language to better understand culture. By understanding culture, I think that we can better understand differences, similarities, and a way to find common ground among people.  I like to travel and to meet people from other countries and experience other cultures. I want people to view me as a world citizen and I want to be a positive representative for the United States. I see my quest to learn a second language as helping me to be a better world citizen and a good role model for others.

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This book review is a part of the Book Tour organized by iRead Book Tours.

I received a pdf copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.



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