Strange. Magical. Whatever! #SoulfulSunday

Strange things happened this week.

One evening, the husband was passing his free time scanning my bookshelf and running a count of books quietly. He suggested I must consider selling of the books in raddi since they have been read. The books, once read, lose their value and purpose is his idea.

“Who told you books are only meant to be read once? I go back to reading my old books for a second time and sometimes even a third time after a considerable time gap has passed,” I made my point.

Just then, his glance fell on the lower most shelf to see 2 copies of ‘The Winner Stands Alone’ by Paulo Coelho. Curiously, he asked, “Do you also buy 2 copies of the same book when you feel like going back to read the same book again after years? Isn’t it a sheer wastage of money?”

There should not have been a 2nd copy of The Winner Stands Alone. I never bought a second copy and I also do not remember seeing 2 books of the same name 6 months back when I emptied the storage boxes and arranged the books back in the bookshelf. There was always one of it. I did not like this book much so I never read it again. I was confident he was playing one of his pranks so as to get me into a bet where an over-confident I looses to do accupressure on the points of his feet. I have fallen into this trap previously, hence, I now know when he gets to this, I have to check my over-confidence. I refused the bet. To my surprise, there was really a second copy of the book down there. Where did it come from? I had no idea. Strange, magical, whatever!

Now inexplicable, strange and somewhat magical stuff keeps happening to me at regular intervals. The ones I have no answers to. The ones I come to accept as they are in the absence of answers. Likewise, this time too I decided not to overthink the appearance of the 2nd book.

In that exact moment, a thought floated in my mind that I must look for the book ‘The Power of Sub-conscious Mind’ in the bookshelf to read. However, something else caught my attention just then and I forgot to look up the book.

The next day, a few books got delivered from Amazon. I had ordered books for my birthday from the husband’s Amazon Prime account. Surprisingly, there came an additional packet along with the the packets of books I had ordered. I checked and rechecked the husband’s name and home address on the packet several times to ensure it was not wrongly delivered to us. Everything was right. I checked his amazon orders list and there was no detail of this particular item. This item was the book The Power of Sub-conscious Mind. There was no invoice inside the packet or the book to let us know the sender’s name in case it was a gift. The husband is neither a bookish person who will order a book for himself nor he has friends or acquaintances who will send him anything in the name of gifts leave alone a book. I took a deep sigh. Another day, another 2nd copy of a book I already have had for 4 years now. I began the search for my old copy in the bookshelf. Up and down. Left and right. It was not there. I went to the other room to check Dhruv’s bookshelves if by mistake my book might have got moved there. It was not there either. I had to sit down to catch a moment of contemplation I might have lost it during the packing and moving.

Magical, it seemed again the surprising appearance of the same book I had thought about finding and reading on the previous day and which I no longer had it with me. The power of my sub-conscious mind, was it? Or the work of my spirit guides in whom I have come to strongly believe in?

Are you thinking, “Behen, ab bas kar. Ab aur kitna fekegi? Ab to India ke log Feku Chowkidar ki bhi nahin sunte.”

I get you. It is the hard to believe kind of tales.

There is one more incident in store for me to tell you. Equally magical.

An unaccounted and unpaid for packet of mooli (radish) was unearhted yesterday in the bag of the farm fresh veggies I get from a place. This time I had not even created a thought about mooli ke paranthe before checking the bag. But, afterwards, I definitely did. Tomorrow is going to be that day. Mooli ke paranthe with aam ka achaar for breakfast.

*P.S. This post was written on Sunday evening and published on Monday evening.

I am joining EshaVinitha and Shilpa this week for Soulful Sunday.

Soulful Sunday


  1. The power of subconscious mind.. This book is added in my Amazon cart.. Can u plz share the reviews. I wanted to read this as I tend to overthink.. Leading to highest amount of anxiety.. Have even met physician. Is this book helpful?


  2. Haha.. I love these magical events – maybe it is the power of your subconscious mind at work, after all. Incidentally, I may have told you that this book changed my life!
    And those mooli rotis sound yummy too. We had our fill last winter. Waiting for them to be back in the market.
    PS: What if by some magic hubby dear starts ordering all the books you’re waiting to buy? šŸ˜‰


  3. I think your hubby must have read your mind and ordered the book! Magical, indeed!
    But, the power of the subconscious mind is real and pretty strong, I say. There have been instances when I have desired something and that particular something has landed in my lap without me having even spoken about it aloud!


  4. So when are you starting the magical services? I need some book too you know? šŸ˜€
    Jokes aside, I believe you, Anamika. Such unbelievably magical things had have happened with me too. I believe that our beliefs and thoughts are powerful and they can change anything. We just need to tap into that power.


  5. A little magic always makes like better, right? May you never run out of miracles. Also, your post listed my spirits quite miraculously šŸ¤—.

    Liked by 1 person

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