A post with no title #SoulfulSunday

4 minutes have passed since the time I opened this space to write my Soulful Sunday post.

I let my mind wander from one thought to another hoping it will settle on something enabling me to write atleast a 50 to 100 words post. I guess today it is in a fleeting mode not wanting to settle on any one thought. It acted an ally on previous 2 Sundays co-operating with me to the fullest in writing decent posts. It has no such plans for today. Thus, I choose to let it be.

Okay, let me tell you how my Monday meandered through Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday merging with my Sunday.

It was an uneventful week for me from the beginning. I stressed about writing my 2 Picture Book reviews which were to go out on Tuesday and Wednesday. I could feel a sense of disorientation settling in which I tried to deal with doing grounding meditation which didn’t work as it should have. Almost everyday, I woke up feeling lost in my mind after my afternoon naps.

I worked on crocheting the granny squares everyday since Wednesday. The repitition of the doing the double crochet stitches for one square after another helped me to some extent. I have used up all the yarn I had bought for this current work-in-progress granny squarre blanket and now I have to wait for a few days in order to procure more yarn. It is going to be a massive project requiring enormous quantity of yarn. In the meantime, I have to plan a mini project to keep myself busy and sane.

The chores, essential and monotonous, saw me exhausted through the week, physically and mentally. Help evaded me.

The lockdown has got to my nerves now. All I want now is to take off to the moon because dashing out of the home while being on the Earth doesn’t look good and feasible. I have lost all hopes with the pandemic situation in India. I do express gratitude for not suffering greatly upon becoming covid positive in the first week of May.

On Saturday, I got a chance to visit my moon with a delightful 3 hour virtual meet-up with my friends having a ball of a time laughing away. It was nice to forget everything else just being in the moment with the people I love dearly.

There is something I missed this week. It is reading. I couldn’t pick up a book to read.

Why am I still writing this post?

There is no point in going on and on.

The post ends here.

Thank you for your time.

I am joining EshaVinitha and Shilpa this week for Soulful Sunday.

Soulful Sunday


  1. Sometimes our muse just won’t listen to our pleas! But a weekly review or a gratitude list would help in writing on such days.
    My soulful post was a short one as I couldn’t come up with anything. I felt that my thoughts are in repetitive mode and that I had talked about everything I could. I get like an imposter wearing this blogger tag and trying to publish a rather poorly written note as a blog post. But I published it anyway. Maybe, next week my muse wouldn’t ditch me! Hopefully!!

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  2. I hear you, Anamika! Like you, I too wish to fly away to the Moon and I get there usually on Saturday night 8:30 pm. Just like you do. 🙂 I’m struggling with words just as you are. It’s tough to come up with a post to share every week when the words have gone and the Muse has abandoned us. It’s a challenge to carry on with the chores even, but as Vinitha says, we could do a review or a gratitude post. I’m also thinking on those lines because my post for this week is still lying in the drafts folder. 😦


  3. You did manage to write a lot in the end. I can understanding how frustrating the situation is for you, especially when there’s a child involved. I don’t envy parents of young children at all these days. How do they keep them occupied and happy, despite the pressures to stay safe! I hope you’ve managed to get more yarn. Glad your online meeting helped! Hugs.


  4. Somedays turning up at the writing table is enough and you managed to do that. Cheers to that. I had no idea you’d caught the virus. So glad you were let off easily. The days seem long and unending and I see why you want to take off to the moon. I hope all of this ends soon. We should have a like-minded bloggers’ zoom meet one of these days. I’d so love to connect with everyone. What say?


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