The dictation of the ego mind #SoulfulSunday

“You are highly educated!”

“You studied really hard in your days!”

“You always scored good marks!”

“What was the point of studying so much when all you are up to doing in life is crochet?”

“You are letting your intelligence squander away!”

“What will your classmates from the school and college think about you making crocheted blankets and bookmarks for your friends some of them who are from those places?”

“The worse part is you are okay with all this as you have accepted this as your fate.”

“What a waste of life?”

“Have you given a thought to crochet being capable of supporting your life?”

“Can you ever earn enough with crocheting?”

“It is a hugely time consuming affair. You are never going to make any good out of it.”

“It would have been far better if you would have stuck to writing. Atleast it is a brainy business to speak off.”

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This was my ego mind talking to me one of these days. It did what it is best at doing which is bringing me down for the choices and paths I have taken in my life or as it said correctly about the choices and paths I have accepted making peace with myself.

I have practiced sufficiently over the course of last year not to get bogged down by the chatter in my head. Hence, I made my positive affirmations and let my ego mind go to rest.

I am joining EshaVinitha and Shilpa this week for Soulful Sunday.

Soulful Sunday


  1. I am so happy to know that you have learned to let it go and not gave in to the taunts of that mean voice! It’s a difficult art to master though!
    I am proud of you, Anamika. Crocheting is giving you the peace and sanity your higher education failed to provide you. Five years from now you might run a crochet empire, who knows! One step at a time, right? 😊❤

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  2. Remembering the lines that go like this—
    “What if you fall?”
    But my darling, what if you fly?”

    That ego-mind of ours will always create a mini battlefield inside our heads, throughout our lives and every single time, we have to shut it down. Period. There is no other way to stop the mindless, thoughtless chatter from taking over our mind. I’m so happy to hear that you’re taking charge of the situation and taking the steps to quell the negative chatter. Nip it in the bud, Anamika. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. You’re doing the right thing and that’s what really matters. Be proud of who you are evolving into, each day, as you make these tiny wins lead you forward. Every little battle won in the mind is one step closer to your dreams.


  3. Just the kind of thoughts that go through my mind on some days! The exact same thoughts. It takes me some time to get rid of them, but eventually, I do, and then I see how far I have come, and how proud I am of myself for having chosen certain things over others and then I feel better about who I am as opposed to who I should have been and what I should have done.

    I am glad you shooed these thoughts off, Ana. Kudos to us!


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