I am not for special occasions #SoulfulSunday

I am not for special occasions.

I am for everydays.

Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Father’s Day, Karva Chauth Day, none of these days and many more matter to me. I am not the person who will keep a tab on such “special days” for the sake of tradition. I am not the one who will celebrate these days by posting an all-decked-up photo of mine with my son or my mother or my father or my husband or anybody under the sun on my social media handles just because it is a day dedicated to one of these people.

My simple reason is I will make no difference to anyone’s life including mine by doing a photo post.

Maintaining relationships is not a cake-walk be it with parents when you have grown up and groomed yourself to be a unique and distinct personality; be it with your child because yeah parenting is not easy as it demands working through constant negotiations and disagreements or be it with your husband because marriages require huge amount of hardwork to keep them working. I equally love and resent them. Maybe, resentement enjoys a tid-bit more days than the feeling of love. A mother’s day or a father’s day is incapable of hitting that swooning-all-over button in me. Photos are the last thing on my mind or on anybody’s mind in my family.

Say hello to life!

Say hello to authentic living!

Another reason and a big one is I do not like to dress-up with am emphasis on ‘do not’. Even the thought of getting dressed in anything other than my everyday wear gives me exhaustion. My everyday routine is slipping out of my night suit before my bath and slipping into a freshly laundered night suit immediately after the bath thus saving myself from the work of washing and ironing too many clothes unnecessarily.

“This is minimalist dressing and living,” I hear your thoughts and the applause for me. I know my readers who are just like me and not the dressy ones.

Even if it was not a year long pandemic and lockdown, knowing myself thoroughly, it still would have been nothing fancy (in place of a night suit) worth being photographed in.

Hell! I do not even own a lipstick.

Hell! Even if I had one, I would be doubly sure I would be applying it all wrong.

Hell! It will expire its term waiting to be used in its hideout – lockdown or no lockdown.

Therefore, I like my everydays.

Everdays are no pressure days.

Everydays can be made special in my own way by putting my feet up on the glass centre table not caring for the smudges and ordering food from outside or by sitting and crocheting 8-10 squares in a day or picking up an old book that I had read eons ago to read it once again with a fresh perspective and a supposedly evolved mind or by putting my feet down and cleaning the house sparkly clean.

I do not need special days or occasions.

I am just fine by my everydays.

I am joining EshaVinitha and Shilpa this week for Soulful Sunday.

Soulful Sunday


  1. Long ago when it was Orkut in the place of Facebook, there were these communities – I love my dad, I love my mom, I love my sister, so and so. All of my friends were part of many of these groups. But I didn’t understand the need. Is it mandatory that we join a group to show love to our dear someone? To me, there is no correlation between the relationship, the love or hate in that relationship, and the social media updates. If there is an interesting anecdote relating to it then it makes sense to share that. But posting photos – I know that act is not going to change my love quotient. I will do it when it makes me happy, it might not be when a particular day is at play though.
    As you said the energy and effort in maintaining a relationship are far more than any of these photos. Sometimes I don’t want to share a particular photo because it is dear to me. The ‘no pressure every day’ is absolutely the best for some of us.

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  2. I hear you, Anamika! And I can tell you that there are a lot of us who share similar views about celebrating these so-called days on social media as a way to “show” our bond with the people in. What you say in your post makes complete sense, Anamika. All relationships are hard work these days and beyond the curated displays on social media, there is so much more that goes on in our lives that require time, patience and energy, as Vinitha says. It’s best to be authentic to who you are, for your own sake and trust me, the “every day” that comes and goes without any added pressure is so much more welcome than those “special days” when one has to take the trouble to dress up, click pictures and share with the world.
    Glad to see you’ve made room for what really matters. More power to you, Anamika.


  3. I have done it once of twice—shared mom and dad’s pics on some days. But, true, every relationship requires hard work and that is not something we brag about in such pictures we share, or people share on such special occasion days. Every days are better.
    Also, I have realised with time that we all are basically alone. The people in our life are just co- travellers on our journey and so let’s try and not get all worked up about sharing how fabulous relationships we share with them. What we do share with our people is our story, our business. In fact, when I see certain social media posts people share about their families, etc, I feel, umm…nauseated. Everything isn’t as hunky dory as they try to portray, na?

    Anyway, I think I am just babbling. ;P
    Liked your post, Ana, and your honest attitude,


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