Discovering your soul’s purpose #SoulfulSunday

Have you ever given a thought about what could be your soul’s purpose?

First, wait.

The first step will be to ask you do you believe in soul or in the concept of soul’s existence?

I know certain people who don’t. Hence, was just checking.

Soul for them is the ‘aatma’ which walks the haunted grounds of the horror stories bringing about turmoil and death upon whichever living being they come in contact with.

Coming back to where I started from.

Have you worked with your soul in discovering what is that one major thing you are meant to attain in this lifetime?

A few days back, I sat down in meditation in the quest to find out just this. I discussed with my friends to know from them what qualities they see in me predominantly. The aspects which came up were my ability to make my friends laugh with my sense of humour in the most serious of situations. Also, I am a wise one.

Meditaiting upon this cause to come up with a clear answer can take considerable time and practice. Maybe, I have the answer at present. Maybe, this answer has to go through further fine-tuning.

I am joining Esha, Vinitha and Shilpa this week for Soulful Sunday.

This is my first time when I have done timed writing for exactly 10 minutes. I hope to get regular with Soulful Sunday every week from now on.

Soulful Sunday


  1. This question has left me baffled for the longest time! Earlier, I used to wonder if taking care of people (with mental health issues) because I was blessed with some patience was my soul’s purpose. Honestly, I didn’t want it to be so. But, then that’s what I was doing every day. Later, I wondered if I was made to connect with animals and birds because I could, well, connect with them like some others couldn’t. Nowadays, I feel that making art, and sharing stories—real and fictional—and entertaining others or helping them realise their dreams through my art must be my soul’s purpose. This one does appeal to me!

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  2. It is a very deep question, Anamika! Most people I know have never found an easy answer or any answer at all! I would’ve never probed the gravity of the question in my younger days but now, that I’m delving more often into the existential questions, this question does tease my mind at times. I think I’m vaguely close to what I can say is some sort of purpose in my life after having tried to figure things out for the last couple of years but then again, I need to validate this with my own life and reasoning to see if it is what it seems to me. It’s a tough question, you know!!!
    So glad to see you join us this week for the #soulfulSunday free writing exercise, Anamika. I am sure you will find your life’s purpose real soon and once you do, would love to know it, if you care to share it with us. 🙂


  3. This is one of those questions that can’t be answered easily and never someone else can answer it for you. I haven’t given much thought to my soul’s purpose. I am inclined to think that the answer could vary at each point in my life. Maybe, toward the end of my life, I would get a better answer. Again I’m not so sure. Meditating upon the question could give better clarity but as you said it’s going to take time and a lot of practice. And of course, patience. I would love to know where you reach upon the meditation.
    So glad you joined for our #SoulfulSunday, Anamika.

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  4. It’s a very profound question and no easy answers. I have given it some thought through the years and although there’s a central idea, it keeps getting refined from time to time.


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