A small yet a big act of courage #MondayMusings

Last week, I took a courageous step. I took the step of taking to my blog to put out my finished crochet item – a daisy bunting for sale.

Ever since I started learning crocheting those first granny squares from a YouTube video, failing in the 1st week yet not giving up, 2 years ago in July 2019, I had this dream of selling my crochet work one day. One thing followed after another. I got better at it with each new project. I couldn’t believe myself when the yellow colour waffle stitch baby blanket I created for my new born nephew in Aug-Sep 2019 turned out exceptionally well. It sure was like a miracle to me to have reached this far in only 2 months from the stage of never have tried crocheting to learning it with determination to making that baby blanket. What happened to my dream of selling crochet work with this? It became more concrete.

The waffle stitch baby blanket

Soon after, I faced some health issues which kept me away from crocheting for almost 3 months. The universe has its way of testing us whenever we pick up something new. However, crocheting was not the thing my physical human self picked up, it came to me as my soul’s calling. Hence, I could not have given up on it. I got back to it slowly bit by bit as soon I began to feel I was getting better. I have been consistently doing my crochet work since January 2020 making something or the other. You can visit my crochet journey on my Instagram profile – anacrochets

I have been blessed with a highly supportive group of friends who have always showered me with extensive ecouragement and appreciation throughout my crochet journey. They kept rekindling the fire in me with respect to selling my work. I made a promise to myself – once I am back in India and once 2020 is over, I will start selling.

Friends Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

You know what selling requires courage. Selling requires working out the logistics. Selling requires a platform to advertise. And, foremost selling requires customers. Thankfully, I was not worried about getting the customers. I was actiually worried about the logistics of packing and shipping. I worried about it to such an extent that I began to fear it. In moments like these, blogging helped, reading blogs helped and connecting with a friend helped. I may not exactly rememeber now but visting Corinne’s post on ‘what is holding you back’ gave me a chance to talk about my fear. I met up with a friend, who lives in my aparatement, and talked about my fear with her. The fact that we were in the same boat with the intention to put out our respective creative works for sale helped the most. We inspired each other, encouraged each other and gave suggestions to each other. Seeing her taking the plunge the very next day, I too did the same on the following day. The line ‘DM to order or for enquiry’ wasn’t just a sales call. It was a victory call of having won the battle with my fear.

Photo by Surene Palvie from Pexels

I got my first order within a minute which meant I had to then tackle the elephant in the room – the packing and shipping part. How much did I contemplate on what to do and how to do! I scrolled down Amazon for the packing material (as suggested by my friend), spent more than an hour and still at the end of it couldn’t decide what will work best for me resulting in a terrible headache. I am blessed to be able to hear my inner voice which, in that moment, floated the idea of turning to YouTube. Once again. The darkness of despair over packing dissiapted into thin air with the clarity of idea dawning in. I slept over it with the instincts telling me I will be able to make it happen the next morning. And, so I did. I shipped my first order with another order waiting to be crocheted, packed and shipped. I am extremely grateful. I packed it much better the second time.

Coming back to the last week.

An idea appeared in my mind to use my blog to showcase my most recent crochet work, the daisy bunting, with a call for sale. I tested this idea with 2 of my friends and they gave a go-ahead. Quite excitedly, I created a Wordless Wednesday post around it and hit the publish button. I felt light. I felt happy. I felt courageous. I listened to myself. I did not put myself down or gave in to any kind of negative thoughts. I didn’t look backwards towards this window at all. All I looked was forward through the window of soul nourishing thoughts. I am grateful for having a blog, a website of my own, which I can use in this way.

This was supposed to be a microblog with 2 small paragraphs. But, I guess the writer in me is still alive, the one who never gets shy of writing in detail.

Linking this post with Corinne Rodrigues’ Monday Musing post


  1. Congratulations Anamika. Wishing you the very best in your new venture. Indeed making a sale is an act of courage and I’m so glad you decided to take the leap of faith.
    Thank you for sharing this inspiring story 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so happy for you – what an inspiring journey, Anamika. I’m enjoying using the lovely crocheted articles you made and wish you well each time I see them. I’m sure baby things and bookish stuff will sell really well.


  3. I want to give you one big tight hug. Not just to congratulate you but also because I understand completely how hard it is it take that step, I understand why you landed a headache worrying about the packaging and I understand the significance of that one line ‘DM for orders’. This is indeed inspiring.


  4. The writer in you is very much alive, Anamika. See, you are a multi-talented person. I am so happy that you went ahead and put that sale button out there for the world to click. It is not easy, I know. Also, marketing! It takes up a ton of energy and courage to market the stuff! I am so proud of Anamika. 🧡💓
    I’m curious, what’s your apartment friend’s creative work?


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