39 things I am grateful for #MondayMusings

2020 is coming to an end. It has been a year of great upheavels. The so called ‘normal’ way of living has undergone a drastic change. We cannot go back to our old ways and old habits now. Voluntarily or forcibly, we all have adopted new beginnings in 2020 arising from our losses, both bearable and unbearable.

Personally, it has been an year of awakening and home coming for me, more so in the second half of the year. Peculiarly, most of the past hardships, questions of many years and even depression found their answers. As I look back, I realise I have nothing else but loads of gratitude for 2020.

Image by Kiy Turk on Unsplash

Here is my list of 39 things (including people) I am grateful for –

  1. All my loved ones are safe and healthy.
  2. My parents for being my sounding board, anxiety reliever, and my overall support system, no matter how distant they are on the ground level.
  3. My spouse for making my life easy and difficult in varying proportions at various times.
  4. Dhruv for making me learn valuable life lessons by being my companion in his early years. Although I admit those lessons do not make any sense now because there are new ones lined up for learning.
  5. My Twin Soul for existing and showing me light, often, in the dark places of my heart and pushing me gently to heal.
  6. My friends for stubbornly refusing to leave my side even when I have shown signs of disconnecting and crouching into my shell.
  7. The lightworker, Cassady Cayne.
  8. Coming back to Bangalore, a city where I feel the happiest, independent, and empowered.
  9. The apartment complex I live in and the friendly & non-judgemental community here.
  10. The sunrises and the sunsets I have observed this year.
  11. The stunning evening sky views from my present living room.
  12. The sunny and breezy balcony in my home.
  13. The incredible amount of storage present in my home in the form of spacious cupboards.
  14. Fully automatic washing machine. I have had a semi-automatic one in the previous years and washing clothes used to be an unending task in those days.
  15. Water purifier. Good quality water is scarce in Bangalore and we get tanker water (hard water) delivered to the apartment.
  16. The gas stove for obvious reasons.
  17. Geysers for the hot water, much required on cold and rainy days which are most common here.
  18. The pantry filled with an abundance of groceries.
  19. The food on my family’s plates.
  20. Milk packets delivered at the doorstep every morning.
  21. Household garbage collected from the doorstep everyday.
  22. The housekeeping staff works hard to ensure we, the residents, have cleaner buildings and surroundings to venture in.
  23. The maid who is doing a fine job of her chores making my life easier to relax and to think about getting back to weekly blogging seriously.
  24. A comfortable and warm bed to sleep in.
  25. My bullet journal in which I write down my gratitude points and positive affirmations.
  26. An abundance of finances enabling me and my family to live a good life materially.
  27. My bookshelves.
  28. My books, Dhruv’s books, and the kindle.
  29. Instagram and the connections it has gifted me.
  30. The music app, Gaana, on my phone to keep me musically entertained while doing the cooking, other chores, or simply resting.
  31. The Bluetooth earphones give me the freedom to move around the house, hassle-free and wire-free, without the need to carry my phone with me all throughout the time.
  32. Crocheting. I should have moved this one higher in the list.
  33. My blog, my window to the world.
  34. The bloggers’ group – The Frangipani Creative Group with which I have been associated for the last 5 years.
  35. Yoga practice helps me by keeping my knees and epidural point pain-free.
  36. Afternoon naps.
  37. The guided meditations on YouTube help me deal with my anxiety on not-so-good days.
  38. Mata Annapoorna visiting my kitchen frequently these days to grace the food, which I cook, with good taste.
  39. Swiggy food delivery for the lazy days when even Mata Annapoorna cannot do me enough prodding.

Why did I write a list of 39 points and not some round figure?

Because that’s how old I am. Grateful for being 39.

Linking this post with Corinne Rodrigues’s gratitude post

Image by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash


  1. I can’t tell you how happy I am to read this post, Anamika!

    All the things you have shared here are worth being grateful for, even those inanimate things we use in our daily lives and yet forget to be grateful for! How boring our life would be without those things…boring and difficult, too.

    I am glad you are thinking about blogging again. Do it as and when you feel like doing it. That way, you won’t feel a pressure to do it..you will actually enjoy it.

    Welcome back, dear Anamika!
    Loads of love for the new year ❀


  2. A delightful post ! You were missed and I can understand why- relocating isn’t easy .
    Looking forward to to more posts on your blog.
    Stay blessed and happy in 2021


  3. Its heartwarming to read your post, Anamika! The last two ones are quiet hilarious. I really enjoyed reading this. Happy to hear that you returned back to Bangalore. My love to D. Stay Blessed and stay happy always! Wish you a happy and love filled 2021!


  4. Ah! Yes even I thought crocheting would be top of the list for you. But who cares as long as we have so many things to be grateful for.

    I’m so glad to see you happy with this homecoming.
    Lovely, heart-warming list, Anu.
    Be blessed always.


  5. Life is to be lived in gratitude and definitely there are so many things we have tobbe grateful for . And I realise you have moved back.


  6. So glad to have you back, in more ways than one, Anamika. I love your list – the things we often take for granted!
    I hadn’t heard of Cassady Cayne – so thank you for the introduction.
    You seem so much closer now and I’m hoping we can meet sometime soon! Hugs and thanks for being YOU.


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