7 reasons why the bespectacled mother’s muse died #MondayMusings

My last long and detailed post was published 2 months ago. Even the 2 posts that I published at that time were after a long gap. In short, I have published only 2-3 posts in the last 6 months, keeping aside the Wordless Wednesday posts which do not require much effort in stringing thoughts together.

My best friends were at their productive best throughout this time. They were writing amid the coronavirus anxiety and scare, infact writing more, publishing more, publishing on their blogs, publishing on other forums, winning accolades, working on improving on their writing ability and here I was, on the other hand, watching them, listening to them without a tinge of flutter inside me that I must write too. I had accepted I cannot write or blog or even read blogs. The blogging zeal of the past years had died.

So, what led to the death of The Bespectacled Mother’s muse?

Here are the 7 murderous reasons-

  1. Blogging was therapeutic for me all along until I discovered crocheting. Crocheting and working with colourful yarn has replaced writing and blogging now in terms of therapeutic value.
  2. My energy field stayed clogged because of everyone cooped up at home, during the lockdown and thereafter, affecting my capability to think clearly. Complete solitude is what works for me in order to string my thoughts effectively.
  3. Nothing that I wrote in my diary as rough drafts for prospective blog posts made any sense to me to transfer to the blog.
  4. The ownership of my laptop got claimed by the boy with the online schooling. The laptop was seldom free for me to think as mine.
  5. I had shortage of ideas which could be expanded in 500 words. My mind worked more in the form of one liners which suited mostly for Insta stories.
  6. Instagram provided me the happy vent during the covid times. Maybe, it would be appropriate for me to call myself an instagrammer rather than a blogger now. I have enjoyed the personal connections I have made there.
  7. As with everything else in life, I accepted my limitations vis-a-vis writing and blogging and eventually became complacent with myself. At the end of the day, what matters most is how one derives contentment in life.

Now, that I have revived the blog from the throes of the dead space today and the school has also started with Dhruv being away, the question is will I get back to regular blogging? And, if I will, then what it is that I am going to blog about? In case, you, miraculously (or not), have found your way to this post and furthermore managed to reach the end of this post, please feel open to share with me here in the comment section (or offline if you may prefer that route) what would you like to read here.


  1. I admire your crochets and often visualize them adorning corners of my home. At the end of the day, what matters is happiness, and you should focus on what makes you happy. Being an instagrammer is more fun..so go ahead gal!!!! In the past few months, I have hysterically dabbled with too many things…at the end of it, I am feeling giddy…keeping myself engaged has been my priority and that has given birth to quite a few byproducts…some good some not-so- good… hope to meet you more frequently here…love you my friend..hugs


  2. All perfectly good reasons, Anamika. And you’ve been turning out such wonderful crochet projects in the meanwhile.
    I’ve learned to stop comparing with anyone – makes no sense and only leads to stress. We do what we can do – sufficient unto the day! 🙂


  3. Yes, miraculous is the word, Anamika! I think the stars have finally aligned and it is the Universe that is now conspiring to get us back into the blogging groove, for some inexplicable reason that I’ve not yet fathomed!! Call it synchronicity, I too, decided to resurrect my writing/blogging life today, for some mysterious reason. And, for inspiration, I decided to read a short story, first, which got me truly charged up.
    I’m very happy to see you publish a long post after ages, Anamika. I think you should just write about your everyday life, and not really think too much about it. My learning from blogging is that often, we need to start writing regularly to get more ideas. If you stop, the muse just runs away and it doesn’t do us any good if we really wish to keep writing consistently. So, write about your expat-ife/mommy-life/crocheting-life/ blogger-life…just about anything that works on a given day.
    Having said that, it’s not about writing. Do what fills your soul with happiness. If crocheting does that, then so be it. But, writing on the blog has a very different level of satisfaction to it. So, try once a week, maybe microblogging (like under 500 words!) and see where that takes you.
    All the best with the days ahead, Anamika. I wish you stay this inspired most days to churn out a post, as magically as this one. 🙂

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  4. I am so happy to read this post, Anamika. Your blog became a dead space because you found more joy in crocheting than blogging. And rightly so! I adore your crochet pieces.
    If you are looking for writing ideas, write about your thoughts on Dhruv going back to school including his experience and yours. I’m sure we all will be able to relate to it. Other topics could be, how your blog is feeling as crochet became your new favorite baby. I am sure you could come up with a funny piece on it.
    You can even write about your crochet process – how you started, the challenges you faced, how you kept going, how you felt when you made your first piece, how you feel about crocheting now.
    Another great post would be to introduce your crochet pieces to date here on the blog. It would be a treat for us and your blog (who knows they might become best buds!)
    Write when you can, Anamika. All of us doing these circuses in an attempt to hang in somewhere. I found Medium which helped me, you found crochet which is helping you. I am grateful that we have each other to keep going. ❤

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  5. Crocheting is a creative skill and any such skill a good way to channeling energy. I’d say take it easy for it’s something I can relate to losing the art of regular writing and cannot think creatively. I really like 500 words nowadays and trust me on that, it works for me, something I abhorred in the past. But, any writing is good writing, and looking to read more of you, Anamika.


  6. Your post comes at a time when I have decided to take a break from blogging.

    The phase that we all were in together has changed most, if not all, of us. Like you I need time and solitude else it feels like an effort. Although I have plenty to write about but somewhere there is a disinterest when I look at them. For me I would say, its because the soul is not happy as it’s not on the path it’s meant to be, it has been tied and bound within the four walls. Also the lack of proper time, a quiet mind and burn out. I must admit #WW was the only reason I posted once a week. You can say it kept my link with blogging alive during these times. While bird watching & photography keeps me happy & sane …… there are times I look at the photographs up-teem number of times and just don’t feel like posting one. Facebook has always been my steady companion as I can indulge in crisp posts with a photo or two…… like you probably relate to Instagram. In fact, many a times I feel like doing away with Twitter & Instagram too and just stick to Blogging & Facebook.

    I think all this is what makes the graph of life. In the end we must follow the voice within. I always gush over your crochet work and the fantastic color combinations you come up with. If you are happy it reflects in your work, isn’t it! Just let time flow in its pace …. you do your bit of enjoying it.

    Its good to see a post from you after long ……. write about anything that excites you! Let the pace, frequency be as per your comfort…… what’s meant to be of it will unfold. Instagram is fun too……. at the end of the day all we are doing is sharing …… medium could be any, right!

    Now that Dhruv is back to school, am sure you will get some time to yourself to think, to accept and to grow. By the way, am eagerly looking forward to what you will finally make out of your crochet squares.

    Have a beautiful week ahead Anamika!


  7. If you look at how many posts I wrote in the last 6 months, you will see that I also did not do any wonders. I miss my solitude too but I did have days when I had thoughts to share. However, things are not as before. First it was settling in, then I got comfortable with the new way of life, then some changes, health of family members and a lot of other things. I am still far away but I have never accepted that I am not writing. Don’t know who am I cheating but honestly I am.
    I have also reached a place where I have made peace with fewer posts, no comments, not worried about stats because anyways I am not making any penny of the blog. he he!!

    You know that I am also wanting to crochet. I will start over weekend and I can’t wait. So I would love to read your crochet stories. How and why did you start? How do you get ideas? And any other tips for a beginner like me.

    And the other thing – I love your honesty! Can I now tag you on TTL? 🙂


  8. I would like to see you here (on your blog) only if YOU feel like being here! That’s in answer to your question at the end. 🙂
    As far as blogging goes, or doing anything that gives you the feeling of contentment and happiness, then you must do what you feel like doing. If not blogging, then crocheting–anything that makes you happy is what I would personally want you to do, Anamika. ❤

    I am still happy to read your post today. Feels good to read your thoughts like you have always shared–honestly.
    Love and hugs!


  9. Oh, Anamika.

    You know what? Through every word of yours, I just had to say one thing loud to myself – “I finally found my COVID twin!”

    I’m surviving the healthscare in this part of the world in ditto conditions.

    Hitherto my unwind sessions have been around drawing & painting portraits. After close to 15 years. Also, shooting & editing videos for my YouTube channel has occupied a huge splice. And I’m not even finding the time to promote it the way a new channel usually needs to be.

    I’ve lost my knitting needles that kept me cocooned through the last 2 trimesters of my pregnancy in 2013. And whatever I made out of them are still in my kid’s closet as her proud possessions. I so miss knitting. The current routine is frustrating with the voluntary house arrest & nonstop cooking, sanitizing & dishwashing loop. I should be ordering a new pair of needles now!

    Loved your post, buddy. Yet the title emanates the vibes of guilt around something, which is just a pause.

    It’s just a temporary off & I don’t think you need to brainstorm about what you’d write next. Come on, people like you are powerful enough to convert the mood of the reader to surreally funny emotions, that linger on.


  10. I wouldnt say the muse is dead Anamka (btw missed reading your posts), its just found a new outlet. Crochet and insta seem to be perfect foil for you in the situation to adapt your creativity to and I think you have made the best of the lemons thrown at you. Cheers for happier times ahead!! 🙂


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