Me, my blog and some frank talking #MondayMusings

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What value do I create for my readers by writing what I write?

I primarily write about my parenting trials and errors with Dhruv and the interactions we have with each other and sometimes bringing his Papa in our picture too.

Why am I the only one in my pool of like-minded bloggers who is obsessed with her offspring to go on and on writing about him for years now?  No one else is doing the same.

Do I sound like a show-off by portraying the kid as a smart one who often bowls me over with his antics? Being a show-off is not what I like to be or want to be.

Questions like the above and some more plague my mind on an on and off mode every once in a while.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant change in the blogging world with more and more bloggers shunning the personal aspect of blogging and getting into the business side of it.  The highly placed emphasis on numbers – follower counts, hits, page visits, Google Page Ranking, SEO, and what not has made the blogging scene increasingly competitive. There is no time and scope for a  personal touch anymore. For bloggers like me who didn’t see themselves getting into the hustle-bustle of professional blogging because it appeared to be utterly overwhelming, who pretty much kept on with blogging on the same lines as they have been for ages, the changing blogging scene meant the number of readers and consequently, the personal interaction reduced considerably. It was disheartening candidly speaking. I must have thought umpteen times to stop blogging, shut this blog down, or making it private yet there was something which prevented me from taking such steps and to continue to be at it howsoever erratic that I have been.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

I took breaks many times in the last 2 years.  Initially, it was my anxiety and depression and in recent times, it was the intense despair that arose from becoming aware of the political situation in the country, the tumultuous times, and the events – Anti CAA-NRC protests, Delhi riots, Coronavirus. Thanks to the handful of personal blogging connections I am blessed with and with their encouragement, I am still here bringing my authentic self out to my readers by writing about what means most to me.

2 weeks ago, I found my answer to the questions I enumerated at the beginning of this post when Dhruv requested me to open my blog on the computer and give it to him because he wanted to read his favourite post The Mum who wished to be a pigeon for the nth time. As soon as he finished reading this post, he clicked on another post which appeared in the suggested readings and then another and then many more. I saw him rolling with laughter, repeating the dialogues from the posts pertaining to the time when he was much younger, and having the time of his life squealing with joy.

The answer which dawned upon me was all these years, I wasn’t just blogging for the sake of blogging. I was actually creating a repository of Dhruv’s childhood memories for him to visit once he got ready for it. Now, there is this idea of creating an eBook of his stories from the blog posts and gifting him on his 10th birthday next year. Or maybe getting a paperback copy printed exclusively for him will be a better choice for gifting him.

Any suggestion is welcome.


  1. Oh, Anamika! You are such a true girl! Yes, you are right. The blogging world has changed a lot. Yet, it doesn’t loose its connectedness. That connectedness only brought me to read your blog after a long time. Wish to read more from you. My love and hugs to D. Printed book is the best keepsake for him, I think. Keep writing, dear!


    1. I felt glad to see you back here, Vasantha 🙂
      You can read my posts every week since I am posting 2-3 times a week these days. I too am in favour of the printed version especially because as a child he is still not used to read books from the screen.

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  2. All of us have faced this self-doubt at some point in our blogging journey. I faced it couple of weeks back when I felt, why do I write memoirs? who would be interested on my personal stories? Hum celebrity thodi na hain. But I got so many positive comments on that post, including yours that I felt maybe I have created a niche. Similarly, you have also created a niche. There are so many parent bloggers but very few that I find genuine, honest and authentic. So far I know you, I agree you would never do anything to boast, so this blog also never felt narcissistic. This is, as you said, a repository for D to know about his childhood. Itna socho meat..likhte jaao…your happiness is most important.
    nd all those SEO, page views Blah Blah…wo there mere bas ki beat nahi hai..use jaane date hai aur bas likhne ka ‘nirmal’ Anand uthate hai. That famous dialogue from Khoobsoorat.


    1. You have let me known previously too that you do not find my posts boasting but self- doubt creeps in. I am a parent and have a blog so that makes me a parent blogger. Besides this, I have not found a genuine connection with 99.95% of parent bloggers. Thank you for reminding me of the important part – achieving Nirmal Anand 😀 which further brings the song to my mind –
      Saare neeyam tod do
      Neeyam pe chalna chod do.


      1. I never found your blog as a parenting blog. This blog is more about the books you read together. I often avoid visiting parent blogs because they seem preachy. Those blogs always make me doubt my parenting skills. Whereas your blog is more about your own journey where you talk about your flaws and that makes me feel..that I am not the only one who is faltering. I can relate to you and empathize. In fact now when I write for my son’s cooking page, I realize that on a subconscious level you have impacted me so much that after writing, many a times I feel the essence is similar to how you write. As a writer influencing another writer is the biggest achievement, so take a bow dear.

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  3. That’s a super idea, Anamika. Your blog is about Dhruv and so a book on his stories will be the best, most memorable gift for him on his 10th birthday.
    .just go ahead and do it!


  4. A wise old blogger told me (many years ago)……blog about what you know, be you, don’t try to be someone else, blog for yourself. You do all of those things Anamika – I know I’ve only just made your acquaintance but I look forward to your posts. They are soft and gentle and believable.
    Turning your posts into a small ebook is a great idea, one I think your young son will treasure. AND if anything ‘happens to the blog’ they will not be lost.
    Take care


    1. Thank you so much, Cathy, for your kind words for me. I am delighted to know you like my posts and look forward to reading them. I am always looking for a genuine connection with my readers and am glad to meet you through the #WordlessWednesday link-up party 🙂


  5. I’ve often told you how your posts about Dhruv bring so many smiles to Jose and me. Besides being a repository of the things that Dhruv says, I also see your blog as a reflection of your journey. When you share how what makes you smile, what makes you angry and what makes you sad – this resonates with me and I’m sure a lot of other people out there. Follow your heart – is something many of us say, but you show the way. Hugs.

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  6. That’s a great idea, Anamika. A book out if your posts. Dhruv would definitely enjoy reading it.
    I agree with you, the blogging world has changed drastically in the last couple of years and that makes us wonder what are we doing here! Why are we not changing. Even when we try to embrace the change it feels unnatural. Maybe, those changes are meant for them and not us. Maybe, our direction is a different one. All of which is okay. You sharing about D and his stories is the life of this blog. It doesn’t make you a boasting mother. I don’t share much about Kanna now as I want to keep his stories private. I don’t want his friends to read the stories and embarrass him. I do keep a notebook for both my kids where I enter the things that they do and say.
    Looking forward to your book! ❤️


    1. ‘Even when we try to embrace the change it feels unnatural,’ you said it here. We are riding on a different tide which is most likely to be less populated is my belief. You have so much in you to write by the way of poems and fictional stories, Vinitha and you are doing extremely well in it. I am proud of you, my friend 🙂


  7. A book is a lovely gift idea Anamika 🙂
    You echo the thoughts that were once mine too and indeed of many other bloggers i’m sure!
    And as you say, the saving grace is that my kids love reading the stuff i wrote about them. I dont write much about them now but Ammu reads all my posts these days, and thats really satisfying.

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  8. I love reading your stories and my fav is when Nirmala flew-I laughed a lot when I read that one. It’s so original and quirky. I think I associate your blog with that story th most.

    I can imagine Dhruv enjoying himself over the posts and also your joy at his appreciation.

    I am also another one who just couldn’t handle the monetising bit and have kept doing my own thing on the blog. It’s first and foremost for me and then for others. I am happy to interact with like minded bloggers and blessed to have so many around me. I guess we all get along so much is because we are all thinking the same way.

    Planning a book sounds like the thing to do -go for it girl. We have so many creative ppl around whom you can ask for some doodles relating to your post to add some caricatures too.

    Keep writing Anu.


    1. You are right. It is a blessing to have like-minded bloggers around us who survived the wave of monetizing and brands and numbers and are doing what means to them the most. That Nirmala story is unforgettable 😀
      Doodles accompanying the posts in the book is such a cool idea. You have got me thinking, Shalini 🙂


  9. As a personal blogger, I can totally relate to everything you wrote in this post. In the past decade, all my blog posts have focused on my life experiences and it has been rather sad to see most of my blog friends choose to stop blogging because writing about their personal lives can get difficult at some point or the other.

    I’m glad you’ve chosen to keep writing.

    I love the idea of creating a book on Dhruv’s childhood experiences for him to cherish all his life ❤


  10. This is why they say you have to write for yourself. 😊I miss personal blogs and yours is a breath of fresh air. And see your son enjoys it too. 😊 My blog is like a timeline of my life. Don’t be bogged down by the changing blogosphere. 😊


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