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Each day we experience a myriad of emotions – happiness, sadness, guilt, fear, anger, etc. As adults, we might be aware we are not these emotions but more than them although I must admit I have struggled plenty of times to separate me from the emotions of excitement and sadness. Now just imagine the children, especially the younger ones, going through the same roller coaster ride of emotions and getting confused for not being able to classify what are those and to realize who is the real ‘Me’ in them – the one who is elated or the one who is angry or the one who is sad or there is one who is entirely different.
Here is a new children’s book which talks exactly about this. This book is helpful for the parents and grandparents to begin a dialogue with their children by associating different animals with different emotions. Also, no matter what they are going through on a particular given day, they are not defined by those states of mind. At the core level, they are the relaxed person just like a lion resting under a tree, as depicted in the book, watching the emotions pass by assured of his real self.
Here is the trailer of the book –

My review –

The concept of the book is superb. The repetition of the sentences ‘Who am I? It’s hard to say. There are so many Mes in just one day’ are bound to leave an impact on the children. The usage of the pictures of animals representing the ‘ME’ with the various emotions is capable of connecting with the children fantastically. The illustrations are simple & plain. Children can laugh and grimace as they flip through the pages, mirroring the emotions they feel on the pages.

Book Title:  Yummy Me Feels So Good by Lion I am

Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  36 pages

Genre: children’s feelings. baby animals, children’s social situations, self-esteem, mindfulness, parenting

Publisher:  Funny Bird Production

Release date:   January 2020

Content Rating:  G. This is a children’s book.

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Meet the Author

The author Lion I Am lives on a beautiful island with lots of trees and animals. He likes quiet spaces in nature just like his animal friends. He enjoys talking to the turtles, dolphins and whales when they’re around. Like the Lion he enjoys relaxing in nature and listening to the sounds of the birds and animals and that of the wind in the trees and bamboos. He especially loves the beach and the ocean surf. One of his favorite things is swimming in the strong waves in the ocean. He loves playing with children and animals. They help him laugh at all his passing Me’s and his funny moods. The children and animals remind him to be grateful for life here on this beautiful Earth. ​ Lion I Am loves to visit with teachers and children who read the Lion I Am books together and share their feelings and playfulness together. The Funny Bird Productions mop top birds sing “All there is is Love, Love is all there is. Love is all there is, All you need is Love” They know the important things in life.

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  1. I clicked on the video, it said ‘video unavailable’. This books seems like a good one. We as adults are also always confused, so it may help us as well. I liked the concept of this book tour spread over various blogs.


    1. The video is having a problem on the blog but you can watch it on YouTube link. This is the first time that I took part in a Book Tour. I didn’t know how to go about it but in the end, I managed it 🙂


  2. That seems such an adorable way of teaching children about emotions. I love the idea. On the same note has Dhruv seen Inside Out?


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