A bunch of roses #WordlessWednesday

First, there was one.


Then, came another.


Later, came one more.


And at last, they were four.


Joining #WordlessWednesday hosted by Esha M Dutta and Natasha Sinha


  1. So beautiful! Haven’t been online ever since our chat on Sat night. The first thing I saw this morning was your post and the roses just filled me with happiness. So glad you joined. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy #ww, dear Anamika.
    Wishing you a blessed week.


  2. Initially, I liked the bright coloured red rose. Then came the brilliant yellow one. My heart was filled with the sunshine. And then came the last one that complemented the bunch making me feel “complete”! Loved loved loved this post!!!


  3. In real life, I have always found red roses to be overhyped and cliched. I always preferred yellow roses. White roses are so rare and they remind me of English weddings. I love this bouquet. They are exquisite. I am happy to see those lovely colors, am sure they brightened up your mood.


  4. Gosh they are so pretty. Love love love them.Please open etsy shop. I will but the bookmark you had made.


  5. I’m a fan of your crocheting and I will await that book mark, Anu someday. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You are spending the lockdown creating some magic indeed.

    Much love and light. And absolutely fabulous to see you join us last week.

    Have a great new week ahead!


  6. I love these roses, Anamika. You are getting better at this. The addition of each flower says that loud and clear. I love that last picture. It’s perfect!


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