Beware! The universe is listening #MondayMusings

“Mummy, I am feeling bored. Can I have your phone or laptop?” Dhruv asked me yesterday evening.

“Oh no! You said bored. You remember the universe takes the word ‘bored’ with utmost seriousness. You say you are bored and it will fill your life with so much adventure that you will end up praying for boredom,” I created an emergency-like situation.

“God, universe, I am not bored. I am not bored,” Dhruv got panicky.

“The universe cancels out negative words – no and not so now it is still hearing ‘I am bored. I am bored,” I turned the leaf from the book The Secret.

Arre, kya karun ab main mummy. Main to fas gaya. What shall I do now, Mummy?” said he with heightened panic.

When Dhruv is not on a phone or laptop, he builds Lego models.

Bolo I am keeping myself busy,” was my solution.

Looking up towards the ceiling, he began reciting, “Universe, I am busy. I am very busy.”
“Mummy, can I now have your phone or laptop?” he came back to square one and I thought I had created enough diversion from this.

“You know what watching videos on the screen is not considered busy by the universe. It considers it idling and a function of boredom. Haath pair chalao. Move your body to prove you are not sitting idle,” I tried outsmarting him.

This did not stop him from getting tremendously busy with eating up my head with constant pleading and pestering, De do na. Phone de do na. Please give me the phone.”

When the last bit of my head got devoured, I surrendered and handed him the phone.
All the drama proved to be futile at the end. I must do better next time. 


  1. What a coincidence Anamika, I am reading “SEcret” too!
    I had a hearty laugh while reading this post as I could very well visualize the drama unfolding.


  2. Dhruv and his Mommy never stops amusing me. I have a smile even while I am writing this comment. I love those Lego. Most kids want to play with mobile these days..kya karein. They are actually bored at home with Mommy papa around.


  3. Hahaha, interesting conversation, Anamika. Dhruv knows how to outsmart you every single time, doesn’t he?
    I read The Secret earlier this year. yet to apply the techniques. 🙂


  4. I’m reading The Secret too! Your parenting sounds like mine was when my kids were little. In the end I always gave in and I vowed to do better next time. 😊 Happy Sunday!


  5. Oops! Dhruv knows what to say and when. Maybe a book? He reads a lot, right!
    I did read The Secret a bit long back. I do apply the principles but couldn’t finish it.


  6. Hahaha this is so cute. You come up with such witty solutions. I will use it someday. But yeah kids are smart and persistent. 😅 Can’t get past that.


  7. Oh the poor lad is what I thought initially till I read the end – foxed you totally Anu!! Better luck next time with this tactic though as it did seem to work a bit 🙂


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