Epic Story #shortfiction


Once there was a house over a bridge. It was empty. No one lived there. One day, the army came and deployed cannons and they made their base there. They even put a lifting bridge over the river for security. 

A week later, another army came. A horrible war took place. Lots of men died but the army with the base won. 

They put the wood for more protection.

They put cannons on the roof.

They put sharks in the river.

They had won the war.

Moral: To ace, make a base.

Beaming with pride and hugely impressed with the story he had written,  the 8-year-old barged out of the house into the backyard calling out loudly, “Hey Mom, I want you to read the most epic story I have ever written!”

Photo by Lucas Gruwez on Unsplash

Here is a quick fiction (if there is a word like it) in response to the prompt ‘Mom’ given by The Frangipani Creative. If the prompt is Mom, then it is harder to go the fictional route because there are numerous real-life stories. The war story here is actually a work of fiction by Dhruv while the creation of the backyard is a figment of my imagination.


  1. Haha! That is an epic story, Dhruv. And I like that moral. We always have to prepare ourselves beforehand. Dhruv, did you give permission to your mom before she published your epic story on her blog?
    You made yourselves a prompt, Anamika! You truly are an epic mom! 😀

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  2. Dhruv should start his own blog. He is the next blogger to look out for. I also loved the images of those houses, reminds me of the ‘living big in a tiny house’ series that you got me addicted to. In fact the top image is quite similar to one of the houses I watched on the show. I shall be waiting for the ‘real life stories’ on Mom. Love and hugs to little Dhruv and also his Mommy darling.

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  3. What do I say? This is such a vibrant write up by an epic mom about her epic son’s epic fiction! I’m blown by Dhruv’s story, seriously. He’s just 8 & yet so powerfully interesting with his words, Anamika!

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