Half-term break, board-game & the game of real-life #MondayMusings

Last week, it was a half-term break in the schools here. The raging storms in our region kept us confined to our home. There were no leisure walks and we couldn’t visit the Avenham and Miller Park because it got flooded due to heavy rains and the overflowing Ribble river. Indoor, Dhruv and I spent our time reading and playing the new board game during the day. The new board game bought especially for these holidays became an instant hit with Dhruv.


Something about the game –

The name of this board game is ‘The Game of Life’ and the starting point is choosing one of the 2 paths which are career path and college career path. When the player chooses the career path, she chooses a career card from a deck of cards and starts earning money/salary right from the beginning. If the player chooses a college career, she has to make considerable moves before reaching graduation day where she gets to choose a college career card from another deck of cards. The difference between choosing a career with and without a college education is the former case gives a high earning career while the latter case gives a less earning career.

As the players proceed, they collect various action cards moving through milestones such as marriage, buying a house/houses, adding babies and pets (as in pet cards) before reaching the end which is the retirement stage. At the retirement stage, the players sell their action cards, houses, and pet cards for money. And, they get a fixed sum for each baby added to the family which means more the number of babies, more will be the amount of money the player will get.

Lessons from The Game of Life –

There were 2 lessons chalked out for Dhruv from the game –

1. It is important to pursue higher education to achieve more in life. It is more of a western world’s concept of forgoing a college education and taking up jobs immediately after school. In India, a college/higher education is a must since in most cases even a simple graduation degree is not enough.

2. Having 5 or 6 babies in the game gives more monetary returns at the retirement stage but in real life, more babies mean more expenditure thereby they are not good for the family finances. Therefore, ek ya do bachhe hote hain ghar main achhe.’ (1 or 2 children are good for the household.)

The offensive-

Me: Ek ya do bachhe hote hain ghar main achhe. (1 or 2 children are good for the household)

Him: Tumse to do bhi nahin ho rahe.

He later apologised to me when I told him his comment did not sound nice to me.

Now I get those parents who say they had their second child because their first-born was persistent about having a sibling. But, sorry, I am not willing to give in to any kind of persistence or bullying when it comes to this. I have already had my unfair share of ridicule and bullying once.



  1. I enjoy the game of Life, too! And, yes, it doesn’t show how expensive it is to raise many children very well at all. But it’s still a fun game to play. 🙂


  2. 5-6 kids are never for me. I know I was good as a mother of single child versus now, mother of 2 kids. It’s not always about money, right , in real life? The peace of mind which no money can give us is something which I value a lot. My 2 kids are killing it. More number of kids will definitely steal whatever little peace a mother can catch hold of. But yes, when these kids grow up and have their own jobs with or without the college degrees, they will earn, but again they will have their family to take care of. So, the parents are not going to be rich just like that in this nuclear family world, I think. Anyway, I likes th game description. Will look for it here. I think Kanna will enjoy this. He is into making money. 😀


  3. Clearly it was made for Canada! The govt pays you to have kids- the more the number of kids – the better the benefits. ( you have 5 kids, you cannot afford daycare- so you stay at home, income drops- dependents increase= benefits money is better), education is free( obviously most folks who have 5-6 kids cannot afford to send kids to university, so kids work their way up after high school). Medical is free( to some degree). So as a game, you win!
    ( you can sense my anger with how some folks abuse the socialist schemes in my country).


  4. Wow you got Dhruv to play this game? Interesting! And I love your healthy repartee with your son Anu. He can say anything to you and even when you correct him, he is quick to understand. Kudos for such a great upbringing.


  5. Oh we’ve played this one too. It’s a lot of fun. I love how you and Dhruv communicate, how you’re quick to correct him and he is quick to apologise.


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