I got back to crocheting #MondayMusings

Since my childhood, I was never the person who was even average (leave apart good) at cooking, sewing, embroidery or knitting (silaai-kadaai-bunaai). During my growing up years, I tried my hand at each of these skills and gave up on them as I could never surpass my pathetic levels. I was never forced to learn any of these either.

One thing I never tried was crocheting.

My mother who was a pro in all the aforesaid areas had a crochet hook too. As she was primarily into knitting, I didn’t see her making use of the crochet hook. The crochet hook posed a mystery to me every time making me wonder how did one work with it. A single thin metal stick, much smaller than the knitting needles, bent slightly at one end – what good can it be for was the constant thought. I do not recall asking the mother to make something with that hook and show me.

Some of my crochet work done in 2019

Last year, randomly browsing through the shelves of a hobby store for a brand new colouring book, I picked up a crochet book for beginners. The colourful projects and patterns in the book caught hold of my attention. I was already on the verge of losing interest in colouring pages thus I got that crochet book home to make a fresh beginning.

It took me seven days and an unfailing determination to keep at it in order to get the basic knot right, the simplest of the stitches (double, treble and half-treble stitches) right and finally a granny square right. I struggled on each of these 7 days but the thought of aborting the whole crocheting attempt did not cross my mind even once. This was July 2019.

Between July 2019 and Oct 2019, I completed crocheting a waffle stitch baby blanket for my newborn nephew, a scarf, a beanie hat and lots and lots of different style granny squares. It will not be an exaggeration to say I ate, drank and slept on crocheting.

The waffle stitch baby blanket

By mid-Oct, I developed pain in my right forearm which aggravated each time I held a phone or the crochet work. I stopped my crochet work to give rest to the hand. The pain didn’t subside and it was mid-Nov when I discovered my tendons on my right forearm and around the elbow area were swelled up. The pain from here extended to both my shoulders. I couldn’t sleep for 2 nights in a row due to the pain. On the 3rd night, I had to take a pain-killer to get some sleep. The house had rotted during these 3 days. Refuting the NHS route for its long waiting list of appointments and citing the emergency situation, we decided to go private. Thankfully the private physiotherapy wasn’t as unaffordable as we initially had thought and I found some relief, especially in my shoulders after the 2nd session. The swollen tendons in the right forearm took some more time to heal with focussed exercises and stretching.

December also went past tending to the arm and altogether it had been 2 and a half months of no crocheting.

The new year dawned on 1st January amidst a lot of upheaval in the country. Once I started keeping a tab on what all was going on in terms of CAA-NRC protests and later the JNU mob attack, there was no going back and shutting myself out. It made me angry day in and day out. That was the time I realised I wouldn’t be able to function properly if I did not channelise my anger constructively. Friends encouraged me to write how I felt about the situation however the writing part was not coming to me. During this time, I turned to my therapy of crocheting granny squares once again but cautiously and slightly vary about my hand’s condition. I started with doing it for 3-5 minutes in the beginning by resting my hands on a table and lots of stretching thereafter. Earlier, I used to sit anywhere and crochet not bothering about hand support or anything. Gradually, in little more than a week’s time, I got back to completing a granny square in one go taking about 25 minutes.

Since then, I have made plenty more solid squares and another scarf from a set of squares I had crocheted earlier. I cannot still go about devoting several hours a day to crocheting but have got back to it in bits.

I got back to crocheting.

The latest granny square scarf


  1. Sometime in the early 2000s I had gotten addicted to crochet. I used to see a girl crocheting during my daily train commute and I just wanted to do it. I befriended her and she taught me crochet right there – standing in a crowded local train. But there was no stopping me. I loved it. I made some bags and mobile covers out of it. In those days, there was not so much availability of internet. Now with so much on youtube, you can do so many new patterns. I am not doing much crochet now, but the needle is still there in the cupboard and I may just get back to it. Loved seeing your designs.

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  2. I instantly fell in love with the baby blanket …. The colour is bright too πŸ’›

    This tennis elbow like pain is excruciating. I have faced this for long due to laptop & mobile usage (read work related). It took me quite sometime as rest was not really possible. It’s much better now as I am careful.

    Do you sell your crochet work?


  3. All of them are very good, Anamika. I already told you that, right? You not giving up and trying again and again till you got it right with dedication and determination, is a very inspiring thing to read. Your efforts are paying off in the form of beautiful scarfs and blankets. That’s spectacular, Anamika. When you make enough pieces start selling them, okay?

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  4. Amazing pieces you have created. I too have been itching to do something creative, but laziness you might say. Hope your pain is better now and didn’t recur after you started again.


  5. Omg that blanket is so pretty. And looks so comfortable and cozy. You have got the talent. But yes, please be careful about your hand and eyesight. My mom was excellent in both crochet and embroidery, but she started losing eye power and had headaches as she aged. I too sometimes feel my hands cramping when I draw for too long. It’s hard to stop but moderation is the key. You should definitely not let this art go. You are really good at it. 😊


  6. What a gorgeous color you have used for the blanket- its perfect Anu. And all the happy colors made me very happy – that scarf is just amazing! I cant believe you though you dont have a knack for the sewing arts as you have just outdone yourself here.

    Hope you are taking good care of your arm and there is no more pain now.


  7. I have crocheted for 50 years. Hard to believe! I started in college when a girlfriend made a crocheted vest. They were in style but buying one would have stretched my budget. I don’t work for long now, and use β€˜fat’ hooks. Your work is lovely!


  8. Good going Anamika. I absolutely adore your designs – specially the colourful squares. Crocheting is something I’ve never done, it looks gorgeous and very complicated. I’m glad you persevered but as with most things, moderation is the key.


  9. All of your crocheting work looks so amazing. It must have taken so much patience and effort. And yes, it is good to deal with our anger by doing something productive. Please take care.


  10. Aye yaar, that yellow blanket is just too pretty!
    I am so glad you got back to it, Anu. Keep making stuff that brightens up your day and when you return to India, give me one of the pieces! πŸ˜›
    Order abhi de doon, kya? Heheheh


  11. Love your crocheting. It looks so meditative that I’m sure you love it as much as I imagine you to! The baby blanket looks so snug and pretty and the bright colour is a great choice for a gift! I think we all need something like that to turn our angst and anger into something beautiful. For me, that one thing that keeps me going through the worst of times is art!


  12. Crocheting is therapeutic- ask me- everytime I felt down in my life, I went back to crocheting or knitting and it has helped relieved the tension. I can so understand how during the : Tale of Two cities, the women knitted during the guillotine- it does help relieve stress.
    I am glad your hand pain is much better and you are a great crocheter. Why don’t you reply to comments too ?
    I developed pain in the left hypothenar eminence ever since I started crocheting 6 years back and it hasn’t left me yet.


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