The white in my hair #MondayMusings

A few days ago, I discovered a white hair strand among the bunch of hair fallen in the basin while combing. This was my first full-length white hair. I was always clear in my head I will be happy to see my first shade of white now that I am late to the club courtesy my (black hair) genes passed on to me by my Nani through my mother.


For a long time, I have had a list of to-dos with respect to the white in my hair –

  1. I will use my white hair to express my wisdom on others with the dialogue “Ye baal main ne dhoop main safed nahin kiye hain!
  2. I will never dye or colour my hair black, brown or red and will move around proudly with the white in my hair. I will give my reason as authenticity which will be true partly because the other true part will be my laziness.
  3. I will write prose and poetry debating whether it should be called hair greying or hair whitening.
  4. I visualize myself walking alongside my mother-in-law – She with jet black (dyed) hair at the age of 74 and I with jet white hair at the age of 40. I am considering and reconsidering if this will be taken as another form of my rebellion. After all who likes to show white hair will be her question?
  5. The next step after getting comfortable with the upkeep of a white head will be preparing to accept the upkeep of a bald head. Just in case.

Doesn’t it look like a good enough planned preparation? I am sure it does.

That day, at the first sight of the white strand, my modus operandi was to turn on the tap, drain down that hair strand and lose myself to the thoughts of expanding on the post idea.

Acceptance has to take some more time building a road for itself.

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#Monday Musings


  1. I’ve made peace with my greys. I too have been blessed with good hair genes like you so I feel it is my responsibility to be proud of the greys as much I am of my black hair.
    More power to us who are happy with the way we’re ageing 🙂


  2. Agree with Tulika – its silver!!! 😉

    I too am on this same thought process and cant wait for my hair to turn white. I just have some bits here and there- not enough to keep me from painting my hair in shades of red,blue, purple 🙂

    Loved your witty writing Anamika -Hope to read more about this as and when you expand the thought process/post


  3. I’m waiting to hear more from you on this, Anamika! Like “Baal pe charchaa”…you know! 😀 White, grey or silver, whatever you call it, it definitely is the sign of wisdom, Anamika. It does take time for people to get used to seeing someone younger with greying hair, but I guess they do come to eventually accept it. Meanwhile, you take your time to deliberate on how to go about it, since acceptance does take time.


  4. I have a few white hairs on my temple, for last 2-3 years I didn’t touch them. But suddenly this year, I went and got Red highlights them. Yes, it’s time to celebrate. Strands of wisdom.


  5. We have a fight at our home with my daughters refusing me to allow my hair to be grey and me wanting to stop colouring it. Finally we reached a compromise that I can stop colouring my hair when I am sixty. Another four years to wait!


  6. Haha, you are late to the club, Anamika, way too late. My first grey hair appeared when I turned 26 when my Kanna was one month old. Now I have a proud collection of grey hair on my head, on my house floors and everywhere I walk and sit. This time when I was in India, my mother and mother-in-law both tried their own ways to get my husband and me to color our hair (my husband’s head is more salt than pepper). Some of the older ladies who attended the wedding threatened us as well. They all had pure black (dyed of course) hair while our silver was shining through and stealing glances. It must be difficult for them to see us rocking the grey look. As you mentioned I am lazy to dye and I have a husband whose head was grey from the time I met him at the age of 18. That being said I reserve the right to change my opinion on coloring my hair in the future. 😀

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  7. My hair started greying as soon as I hit 30. Now I too find a fallen white hair once in a while. That point number 4 is hilarious 😀 I would love to know the secret of your mother-in-law. I think coloring would be a better option for me as I keep plucking the grey ones out. 😛 I will go bald before they all go white.


  8. Hmm… I have this debate with myself every other month whether I should keep coloring or not. My whites are really not that visible when I leave my hair open. So I go for months with greys and then I get into one of my moods and go get it colored. Coloring is bad for the hair though. I am just entering the second half of the forties, so maybe by 50, I shall stop coloring. Or maybe after my kids get married, or maybe after I have my first grandchild! Who knows maybe I will stop now!

    Who really cares what people think! Do as your mood decides. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, mood swings are pretty good. No?


  9. Yes, silver it is!
    I too thought of leaving my silver hair as it is, but then my cousin made a pact with me about colouring the hair till we reached the age of 50 or 55, and then leave it alone. Also, I liked it that the henna I applied made my hair soft and silky, so I got back to colouring it–aka caring for my crowing glory! 😛

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  10. I had just one strand before I shaved my hair. Now, suddenly it looks a lot silver than before. It didn’t scare me, it just made me realize that I worried too much for a while. My husband has more grey now and he used to tease me when he found that one grey hair. Now, it would be very different I guess.

    I’d love to color my hair, actually I’ve been thinking about it for a while, not because it has changed silver, but because I really want to know how it looks. I’d love to see your color choices too. I’d love to know how this thought expands too. 😬


  11. That’s a really interesting way of looking at things. Maybe you’ve white/grey hair owing to all the wisdom that you have 😀 And yes, it is your choice to color your hair or leave it the way it is.


  12. I have embraced the silver on my hair. I love it! I’m waiting for more of it to turn silver – I may just color them red or purple. That would be fun! Or I may just let them be silver. But no black dye for me!


  13. The joys of going grey are as great as the joys of growing up. You can enjoy all the benefits of getting older – when you don’t want to hear you can say you never heard it. Similarly, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want saying your bones are hurting or any such other idiotic excuse. Grey hair makes you look distinguished so I’m glad you’re embracing your single grey hair.


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