Why be smart? #BookBytes 11

There is not a whole lot you can do when you are a little kid who encounters injustice. Your natural desire is to set things right, but that can often backfire, resulting in even greater injustices. The sad truth is big people usually have all the power. You can’t force anybody to be kind or fair or honourable, especially if you’re only forty-three inches tall and weigh only fifty pounds.

That’s why it is important to be smart.

This excerpt is from the book Captain Underpants and the terrifying return of Tippy Tinklet Trousers by the author Dav Pilkey. Dhruv highlighted these lines and once repeated them to me over and over again as a counter to my tyranny.

Ask me how was I tyrannical that day? He wanted to leave the place where we were sitting in the park soaking in the sun and rush back home because there were dogs all around in the park running excitedly and he feared some or the other dog might come and attack him. And I, the tyrannical mommy, made him sit there for a long long time to get over his fear of dogs. He still fears the dogs and I am still the tyrannical mommy.

As for the book, I haven’t read any of the Captain Underpants books but Dhruv has read all the 10 books in the series numerous times and for him, there can be no book or book series as good as this series and Dav Pilkey is the best author.


Joining Tulika Singh with her #BookBytes post

If you stumble upon a quote, a line (or two) or even a passage that leaps out at you demanding to be shared, do join in with #BookBytes. To know the rules, head over to Tulika’s post by clicking on the above link.


  1. Ha ha ha.. this is the only series of which H owns ALL the books and refuses to part with him. He started reading them when he was six and still goes back to them sometimes. Oh and we also have a CD with the Captain Underpants film. I love the quote you/Dhruv picked. So much sense and absolutely hilariously put. Thanks for joining up Anamika.


  2. It’s amazing how children can use things against you! I didn’t know Dhruv had a fear of dogs – if he does, sitting in a park surrounded by them can be really scary. Best to start him off with puppies! Great quote!


    1. I think your grandson is quite young to hate the grown-ups of his family, hence I am sure it must not be the case. Hating reading, this I can understand. Runs around in underpants, this is acceptable. I can tell you he will love Captain Underpants series of books since these are super hilarious, have a superhero who kills villains by charging them with underpants. Do tell me the feedback about the books from your house.


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